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January 12 2015

The WB 20th anniversary: ranking all 32 of the network's dramas from worst to best. Can you guess what number one is?

If it wasn't, I would've called shenanigans.
I don't approve of Dawson beating Angel. But the correct show came first.
Everybody would do one or another change, but that is an impressive solid list.
I think I'm in a somewhat sizable minority that thinks Angel is the better of the two shows... less groundbreaking, sure, and I would put Buffy first on this list just based on that, but I think Angel was maybe just better and more successful from a storytelling perspective more often.

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I think Angel was the overall more consistent show, both episode-to-episode and season-to-season. But it never got as good as Buffy's best moments, which were just sublime.

Solid list!
I feel like Angel is compared more favorably to where Buffy ended in its 6th and 7th seasons but this list is about Buffy during its prime when it was on The WB. Thats when the show was firing on all cylinders creatively. IMO Angel never reached those dramatic heights. It came close but not quite.
Everwood is a solid second.
Got all nostalgic watching these great old school WB promos which include some of the Buffyverse cast as well as other WB stars of the time such as Dawson's Creek and others

WB: Faces 1999

WB: Oh What a Night 2000
WB: Oh What a Night 2000: Xander Harris and Max Evans sitting together. That was unexpectedly neato.

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I loved the last season of Smallville. But I know not that many people stayed that long.

I'd put Angel higher, but possibly that's because I didn't watch any of they other shows they mention.
They got THAT right.

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