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January 12 2015

New Avengers 2 trailer arrives. The second trailer for Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Lotsa 'splosions ... and one very angry green guy
Who is the woman at 0:32?
That's my question, too! Who is she???
Her head looks like Nebula, but she wouldn't wear a dress like that.

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That is an intriguing trailer. Looks like we're going to get Natasha's origin story and it will echo River's. Innocent girl gets weaponized by and for the state, programmed to serve, destined to rebel. Big, cold, metallic hypodermic recalls the one the Alliance put in River's head. Looks like the mind-control theme is back; Natasha's experience overcoming her brainwashing may give her insight into how Ultron uses the Scarlet Witch to mess with Avengers' minds. Elizabeth Olsen's face should be registered as a national treasure. "Everyone creates the thing they dread" line is my favorite so far. Looks like Joss is going to be probing these characters at their weakest and finding their strengths. Excelsior!

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I'm intrigued by the Black Widow backstory bits.
I liked the moment between Hulk and Natasha.
Me too. Maybe she unpushes his buttons.
Some internet speculation I've seen has suggested the figure we're seeing is Shuri, Black Panther's sister. Which would be a nice surprise addition to the cast.
$10 says Pointy nailed it.
I can't wait until May! Thank goodness for Agent Carter and AoS to keep us distracted in the meantime. Black Widow has always been a favorite of mine, so I'm happy to see so much screen time and I can't wait to see what they keep from the comics.
So the the Hulk is being controlled. There's goes my theory of a noble Hulk trying to stop a Iron Man suit under the control of Ultron.

Also who is saying "Everyone creates the thing they dread"?
So Hulk is the one being controlled. Bummed. Like Simon, I was under the impression that was the other way around, until this trailer.

Interesting how heavy these trailers have been, very little into the funny.

Excited, might just reconsider my position about not going to midnight showings anymore, might just do it for this one.
The trailers for the first movie were fairly dark too. I like this one compared to the first trailer that came out last year. This one is tighter (and more revealing).
When I saw it clocked in at 1:40, I immediately thought that this will be smaller trailer, but more vital to getting people interested. Even if I did not care for Marvel or Superheroes, this would have me by the teeth of the intrigue.
I think "This vulnerable world, needs something more powerful than any of us." by Cap. Though the voice reminded me of Adam Baldwin...
Then James Spader as Ultron: "Everyone creates the thing they dread."

Well, these trailers got me very excited! Even to the point that I stop wishing for more Firefly... ;-)
I can't get enough of them using I've Got No Strings. It's clever enough that I want to believe that Joss had a hand in it, like the "Some Assembly Required" tag line of the first movie.
So, there's gonna be a lot of "vision" type scenes in this movie? I'm excited.
I didn' have great sound quality when I listened, but I think the "This vulnerable world, needs something more powerful than any of us." may have been by Stark. But as I say, it might be a problem with the sound when I listened to it (or with my ears :) )
I thought it was Steve as well.
>> @TallMichaelJ "Lotsa 'splosions ... and one very angry green guy."

But can you really blame Ryan Reynolds?
Her head looks like Nebula, but she wouldn't wear a dress like that.

Yes. That is me. I look exactly like that. That was on a day when I wanted to look pretty.

Excited, might just reconsider my position about not going to midnight showings anymore, might just do it for this one.

The only midnight show I've ever gone to was for The Avengers. It was totally worth it, especially when the whole room cheered when Joss's name appeared on the screen.

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Just an FYI, they don't do midnight showings anymore after the shooting at Dark Knight Rises. They do 7/8/10pm showings the night before though so they get out earlier. I plan to go to one of those.
Clearly I'm a member of the right board as this makes me most excited about the upcoming flood of Joss interviews, some of my favorite things in the world to read. I'll bet he's sleeping about 2 hours a week at this juncture of post production, poor guy.
Eh, they still do midnight showings out here.
Most local (Ohio) theaters no longer allow carrying backpacks into theaters, but I think that the smaller number of midnight shows has more to do with the aging audience demographic,
since a nutbag can sneak a Mac-10 in under his coat, just as easily at 8 PM as Midnight.
Maybe. That was when my theater stopped doing midnight showings and that is what they stated was the reason.
Los Angeles has midnight Thursday showings all the time. There are midnight showings this Thursday for Blackhat (Chris Hemsworth's new film) and Wedding Ringer.
Clearly I'm a member of the right board as this makes me most excited about the upcoming flood of Joss interviews

We have a special siren.
Every Marvel release since Avengers has had showings starting at 7:00PM the Thursday night before release date here (New Orleans). They're awesome.

I think Age of Ultron is going to end up being the high-water mark for the MCU. As near as I can tell, it's the only fully-original team-up movie storyline not a product of a comic book story arc (Civil War, Infinity War) or other corporate mandate (Avengers, in which Joss was given the main set peaces and other requirements) in play in the announced schedule. This is the movie that Joss got to do for doing Avengers, and he got the creative control to write his script and tell a story this time that's all a product of his crazy genius.

(Also, presumably just a stupid, truly offensive amount of money. I hope.)

Anyway, after this, it looks like the movies will continue to get more and more serialized and intertwined, which will be fun, but could also siphon a lot of the impact out of any individual flick, as well as individual style. I also assume Joss is not going to touch Infinity War for this and many other reasons.

In closing: really psyched about AoU.

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@Agent: There is a comic called Age of Ultron but it's nothing like the movie (and was not well received either).

Phase 3 is really launching some more obscure heroes so they may tie things together in order to launch the newbies to the general audience but Marvel (for the most part) is pretty good about letting the main story of each one stand on its own and they are attracting more talent both in and behind the camera. (Even Al Pacino loved GotG and is rumored to have met with Marvel).

And I think their is a possibility Joss will at least advise in the future and he's already somewhat tying his TV show to the Inhumans. Still looking forward to this!

See some of you on the Agent Carter thread soon!
Indeed! I'm in the room, at the bottom, Dusk!

Hope others come and join us. The link is on the menu in the right-hand column on the main page. It's a continuing thread, so meet us at the bottom of the page!
Did anyone notice the closeup of a pair of forceps? Something interesting coming into the world?
@Annapurna: I'm guessing that has to do with Nat's past. The trailer shows her followed by the tray of surgical equipment. She was pregnant and miscarried in the comics (Check out 'The Name of the Rose'). Her time in the Red Room left her infertile, but they did a lot of experiments on her. I've always thought of her as a cross between the dolls in Dollhouse and River in Serenity/Firefly.
"This vulnerable World" may be a different soundbyte than "needs something greater than any of us" which is unquestionably Tony to my ears. The full statement would presumably be Tony explaining his rationale behind creating Ultron. "Everyone creates the thing they dread" is unquestionably Ultron to my ears and is presumably regarding Tony's regret over creating Ultron.

Regardless who says what, chilling words!

I wonder if Hulk may not be 'controlled' per se, but he may have simply been released by Scarlet Witch's powers. The uncontrollable version (by Banner anyway, once released) already seen in The Avengers. The touching moment with Black Widow from both trailers I take is when he regains control.

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I'm kind of hoping "I've Got No Strings" becomes the number one song in the country.
Can't wait for this movie. I need this movie in my life, like, now-ish. Loving the ominous tone that the trailer evokes.

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