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January 14 2015

Out today - Buffy Season 9 Library Edition Volume 1 Hardcover. This volume collects issues 1 to 10 and "In Space No One Can Hear You Slay!" from Free Comic Book Day 2012.

Can't recommend these enough! If these are anywhere near the quality of Season 8 Library Editions, these are by far the best bang for your buck in comics. The art looks amazing in the oversized format. The binding of the actual book is great which is sometimes a problem with these oversized books. The extra material is fantastic. With pre-ordering I'll get this for like $23, I don't understand why they don't charge more for these (Not complaining, just saying). It's a beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to get mine in the mail!
Really, considering how much more expensive DC Comics', Absolute Editions are in comparison, these Dark Horse releases are really a bargain, with the larger pages, thicker paper quality and hardcover.
Almost makes me feel like thinking the other way around, that even with the slipcase, the DC Comics release are over-priced, if Dark Horse were the "standard" instead.
Amazon says this isn't released until Feb. 3rd. But is is $1 cheaper from than which is nice considering how the Canadian dollar has been beaten up. I also per-ordered Vol. 2 out in June. Rather annoying that they list the author of Vol. 2 as "Josh" Whedon!

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Bookstores like Amazon usually get it later than the comic book stores. Comic book stores get first dibs on stuff like this (I think).
Bookstore distribution, does work differently to direct market distribution that work for comic book stores and newstands.

This is the listing of titles released this Wednesday provided by Diamond.
Does this include the Season 9 prequel ""Magical Mystery Tour Featuring the Beetles" as well?
The back of the book (on Amazon) refers to two one-shots, so I would have to hope that means the Beetle's story alongside the FCBD story.
I'm fairly certain it's in this book, Invisible Green. Jane Espenson has a writing credit on the front cover.

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