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January 14 2015

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse books for April. There's solicitations and covers for Angel & Faith #13, Buffy #14 and the second Buffy Season 9 Library Edition.

The solicit for A&F sounds pretty exciting (also yay, is back!)

The variant for Buffy is pretty cute, but I'm gonna be annoyed if this 'deep connection' is the woman from James Marsters' TBP.
I really need to read these.
So it sounds like Fred really is back somehow. I kind of hope so. A lot. I would be extremely happy.
I honestly can't tell who is on the angel cover. Is that Fred? Faith? Is that woman floating out of her supposed to be the same person?
Then let halt and read first before passing judgement. Yes?
@mark214 That's Nadira. See the green pattern on the left side of her body.

Man they do have spoilerific blurbs don't they?

I don't care though. I'm very happy that we appear to be getting what was originally planned for Angel Season 6; Fred and Illyria sharing the same body and someone (originally Wesley and now probably Angel) having to make a choice as who to save.

Oh this is going to get dark, intense and emotional very soon.

Classic "Angel" then:-)
As much as I liked AtS I don't really want classic Angel. This 'Angel AND FAITH' after all. It may be a continuation of Angel's character but now that Faith is a co-protagonist it's really a different animal from AtS.
Well, this is good news and vindication for those of us who never did believe the conventional idea that Fred was gone forever. You can't just extinguish a soul.

I'd hoped Fred and Illyria would be forced to occupy the same body, at least for a while... there would have been great potential storylines in there. But it looks like a Fred-less Illyria just goes back to being a very powerful monster.

It seems odd that Joss is giving us back so many dead characters, in one form or another... Giles, Anya, Jonathan, and now Fred. It doesn't seem like him to allow us that much fanservice, unless he's getting ready to really lower the boom in some particularly crushing way.

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@AndrewCrossett, I could totally see something happening which causes all resurrected folks to return to the grave. Possibly a choice someone has to make or something like that...
As much as I love Fred, Tara and Anya, maybe they shouldn`t be brought back because their deaths lose the weight. Buffy was also dead a few times, but she had to come back of course, it is a series about her after all. Angel came back. I get it..imagine if he didn`t come back after end of season 2! OMG, I just realized so many dead characters were brought back..Darla comes to mind as well. Wesley as a ghost. Anya as a ghost or something. Giles came back as a kid, which is a great twist. I still hope Fred will be back, but something tells me that if she does come back, her story/end/death/transformation will become less important, will cause less emotions. I also love Anya, her character was fantastic and brought much humor to the episodes of Buffy. Her split-second death makes me want her back the most. Also, I want Joss writing some more issues! It`s time, don`t you think?

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@ AndrewCorssett and @ Jelly: I could see him crushing us in some way. Choosing Fred or Illyria is already a dilemma and their is more to Anya then we know. But I doubt it'll return all undo all the resurrections. No way they'll kill off Giles again after making one book all about bringing him back. Plus, all people that have died and come back could technically include Buffy, Dawn and Spike so I don't think any of them dying is likely.

And you have to look at how people didn't like the lack of connection between the Scoobies last year. Even though some of it was likely intentional, most found the Buffy book very dull because of it which is about the worst thing a comic can be. Even a controversial story will probably have defenders but apathy just creates nothing.

@angevil-They tend to be two or three issues ahead of what is published and Joss isn't going to have much free time until well after AOU is out in May. The earliest I'd expect him back is maybe the last 10 issues or so. But I agree his opinions on the books are sorely missed/needed. He barely talked about S9 except for the abortion plot prior to the robot fake out, and a bit on Billy. S9 didn't even have a letter from him.
Well, this is good news and vindication for those of us who never did believe the conventional idea that Fred was gone forever.

As someone once put it, "Why should we believe the word of an evil doctor?".
As someone once put it, "Why should we believe the word of an evil doctor?".

I believe that was me. At least, I was one of the people saying that. After all, Knox and Dr. Sparrow had a vested interest in Team Angel NOT trying to bring Fred back.

I don't know how Joss is planning to break our hearts with all these resurrections. With Frillyria, I can see it eventually turning out that they have to reunite again in one body, but Fred still gets to keep her separate identity and they have to share control of the body. Maybe Anya turns out to be the First Evil or some other deceptive villain. And of course Jonathan is really only a recording.

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