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January 15 2015

Trailer for Fran Kranz's new movie 'Bloodsucking Bastards'. Check out the movie's Facebook page for more info. And if you haven't worked it out from the title, this trailer is NSFW.

Riding an elevator, covered in blood. Typecasting?
The 'ting' at the start of the trailer did give me flashbacks.
The pencil-as-stake thing is a Buffy shout-out, no?
Looked to me like the vampires had a Buffyverse "game face"...
Could be fun although, like others have mentioned, I got a distressing deja vu from the elevator scene. Be nice if they dig into the metaphor implied, but my guess is they go for some laffs and call it a day.

Franz is immensely talented - guy has shown some serious Broadway chops - here's hoping some A-list Hollywood types start casting him
And Pedro Pascal is in this as well. It's made of win.
It looks cool. The vampface is definitely Buffy-esque.

Pedro Pascal, the name sounds familiar... Is he the guy who played Eddie in The Freshman?
Yes and Oberyn in Game of Thrones.

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