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January 16 2015

Brett Dalton teases a new direction for Ward. There's spoilers for other shows on this page.

There are still people shipping SkyeWard after everything he's done?
If something can be shipped it will be. Even if it has realistically no chance of ever actually happening in canon (Sam/Dean). Or wouldn't make sense and is also basically impossible (Hermione/Tom Riddle or Hermione/Voldemort, which I think are technically two different ships).

So if Ward turns his back on his Skye obsession I wonder how much more damage he could do to the team now that he feels no reason to protect them?

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I think he's like Raina now. A free agent. But one with reason to focus a lot of negative energy on SHIELD in general and the team in particular. Too bad all that time he had to reflect while left alone didn't have him come to the conclusion that if you do bad things, people won't like or trust you, duh. And to maybe just stop doing those things.
I'm really digging the new direction for Ward. I hope they don't screw it up by trying to shoehorn him into plots that he doesn't need to be involved in. I agree that he's a free agent now. I'm less inclined to believe he's truly over his Skye obsession, but who knows?

In another comment thread I compared him to mid-series Spike (and Quasimodo), and I think that will continue to be his role: somewhat obsessed antagonist.
Well when you get shot three times that might tend to make you question why you dropped off Hydra's #2, called off Hydra at least temporarily, and in general get anywhere near the crew.

I'm not really sure why Ward would stop being Ward though. Reflect or not, Coulson gave the man up to his brother which imagined or not, Ward's absolutely shown to not trust. It's not like Phil set him free or had a chat with him. Add to that, six months of solitary confinement which SHIELD put him in has been shown to cause or aggravate mental disturbance. In reality, what Coulson's team did was cruel. In TV land, I'm not sure if we're supposed to notice that. When I watched it, I was actually thinking Stockholm syndrome.

Honestly, I'll be happy when the reconfigure his storyline a bit. How fans reacted vs. what was on screen was always a bit iffy for me.

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I think Ward will be running Hydra for his own purposes when the show comes back.
I'm very into the idea of two former SHIELD/HYDRA agents with nothing left to lose as a third party in the ongoing SHIELD/HYDRA war. Let's be honest, once HYDRA has become people who want to rule the world and who have the upper hand in resources, they're kinda boring. But Ward and Agent 33 have deeply personal stakes in all this.

In reality, what Coulson's team did was cruel. In TV land, I'm not sure if we're supposed to notice that. When I watched it, I was actually thinking Stockholm syndrome.

Yes, this continues to baffle me. Coulson also is clearly ok with torture based on an episode in S1 where that was an agent's cover. For "good guys" our team is not very.

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