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January 16 2015

An artist's tribute to 9 kick-ass ladies of sci-fi and TV. A couple of Whedonverse favorites are given a great tribute.

I've seen these before.

I don't like the red smudges on their faces. Makes them look like some kind of wonky anime. And how is Whatserface from Parks & Rec "kick-ass"?
I think the question is- how is Leslie Knope NOT kick-ass?
Pretty neat work by the artist, but I have to agree with a commentator at the site itself...the blush marks don't really work right IMO. Plus the lack of Sarah Connor (Hamilton or Headey), Samantha Carter, River Tam, Cameron Phillips or Peggy Carter is just silly ;)
Yeah, the blush marks seem like some sort of Kubuki art thing. Also, there is argument that the term "ladies" or "lady" is meant to indicate a certain set of behaviors that women were supposed to exhibit as a means to keep them (us) submissive.

I know it's too soon, but it would be cool to see Peggy Carter among them.
The artist originally made these two years ago, for context. Every time I've seen these, the 'Our Lady of ...', the style of a grotto-like wreath around the back, and even the heavy blush and flatter color reminded me strongly of Mary, mother of Christ. She has many titles in the style of 'Our Lady of ...' (Our Lady of Peace, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, etc. etc.) and the association kind of something seems to have been the idea especially in regards to the original captions on the earliest ones.

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Leslie Knope is so kick-ass! Ron respects the heck/scared of her.

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