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March 27 2004

SFGate columnist's diatribe to Gail Berman about Wonderfalls. Gail Berman, Milkwoman of Human Kindness, I'm speaking directly to you here -- how about believing in the brilliance once in a while ...

Also Wonderfalls related:

Marsters hometown paper begging viewers to watch Wonderfalls.Now, you might ask, what does this have to do with the Modesto entertainment scene? Honestly, very little (unless, of course, you own a television and like to watch good programming).

Times Union critic to TV viewers ... Only you can save "Wonderfalls" Memo to Fox programmers: Air "Wonderfalls" after one of your many "American Idol" helpings and see if people stick around.

Marijke Rowland has wrote a couple of articles in the past referencing her love for the whedonverse. I'd post links but they require registering/payment. poot.
So far it's not asking for registration when I go to the site but it may after a day.
RavenU I've combined 3 of your Wonderfalls posts into one. As I've said before I don't want Whedonesque getting swamped with Wonderfalls reviews etc.
Word Simon, I am not yet on the Wonderfalls bandwA GON...JOSS, we need another Buffyverse replacement stat.
Ok Simon, sorry, I didn't know if these fell under a review catagory or not, since they were not reviewing an episode as much as asking or begging people to watch. If it's ok I might change this post from the Marsters hometown paper to the SFGate article instead only because it pleads to Gail Berman, who like Tim M was and is a producer of Angel and actually without her we would have no Whedonesque verse of which to speak at all or if we did it would more than likely be a Buffy and Angel less one, except for the movie.
Yes thats fine, it does make sense :).

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