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January 19 2015

Edward James Olmos on his Agents of SHIELD character. "I'll just put it to you this way: When he smiles, the whole world smiles with him."

Nice interview. Good to see El Pachuco not be somber!
I wonder if he's playing the Purple Man.
Simon, I was trying to guess who he might be playing based on his hint and I hadn't thought of the Purple Man...but holy crap, he would be amazing for that! Here's to hoping you're right, cause I would love to see that character on screen and being played by Olmos would make it ten times more amazing.
The interviewer appears to cut off Olmos in mid-sentence to ask his last question. I would have liked to hear (read) the rest of the answer. Kind of annoying.
Simon - heck of a good guess. There was a very recent Daredevil run that featured him and his offspring. Creepy as all get out
It would set him up nicely for the Netflix shows. He was very chilling in the Alias series.
I don't recall him being in ALIAS. What character did he play?
Madmolly, Simon was referring to the Purple Man, a marvel character, not Olmos the actor. He was also referring to the comic ALIAS, about a retired superheroine who becomes a private investigator, not the ALIAS TV show.

ETA: Of course, maybe you know this already and are just fuckin' with us. If so, well played.

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I wonder if Olmos' character - if the Purple Man or not - will be the same "gifted" person whom May faced down in Bahrain and led to her being called The Cavalry?
No, not messing with you. I am not that experienced with the Marvel Universe. I don't know many of the characters. But I loved the ALIAS series. Own the whole series.
David Tennant is playing the Purple Man in the Jessica Jones series. So back to the drawing board in regards to who Olmos is playing.
Well, I think most of my speculation can still hold to be true...he's "gifted" and has serious persuasion powers, which saw him develop a cult following and led to the Bahrain mission that saw May earn her "Cavalry" moniker. But just not The Purple Man, since Tennant got tapped for that.

Maybe he's gonna be an Inhuman? A rogue who wasn't big on staying separate from regular humanity, or like Skye, an Inhuman due to ancestry?

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