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January 20 2015

Jay goes to Tilley Farm and meets Tony Head. It's a powerful story, please read through all the entries that have been tagged. The chronological order can be found here.

Jay and I have talked via Twitter and email and he's fine with his Tumblr being linked to in such a manner.

You know what I wish? That people could write articles like this without using the F word every three seconds. It's a trend that I wish would die a quiet death.
That's an amazing story. I'm so happy for Jay!

I was fortunate to meet ASH on my one day of probably my only SDCC trip. He was the highlight. So kind and friendly. I'm glad Jay had this wonderful experience though it is unfortunate how and why his school decided to share this news.

The link is to a personal tumblr account so I give a pass on language issues.
What a lovely story! Everything I've read about Tony Head indicates that he's a lovely fellow. I haven't heard much about Sarah before, but she sounds just lovely too. I'm curious as to how it actually happened - is it because Jay tagged Sarah inadvertently, and they're both on Tumblr? I'm not, so I don't know how it works.

madmolly - I know what you mean, but if I were about to/were spending a day with Tony & Sarah, I might write in the same way! Especially since I've spent very little time with celebrities, and I'm pretty shy. So good for Jay!
That's your take on this wonderful story? Too many cuss words? Gosh gee willikers. (A wonderful story on a personal blog, BTW. He's not writing this in the London Review of Books.)

Anyway... Saw this a couple of days ago passed around on Tumblr and thought it was awesome. Sad to see the MTV bungling. The couple of posts at the top are very important to read first, but if you want to read the rest of it in chronological order, you can do so here.

Jocelyn: I think they knew each other on Facebook already. That's where the accidental tagging happened.

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I did not know about the chrono feature, thanks for that.
KernelM: thanks - sometimes it's kind of hard to figure out this social media stuff. I read in reverse chronological order at first. When I have time, I'll follow your link.

And I totally agree about writing for a personal blog vs the London Review. Give the kid a break!

Shame on MTV. It didn't sound bungled to me, it sounded deliberate. Of course, I could have misunderstood.
If anyone ever had any doubts to the awesomeness that is Tony Head, they need only read this blog. And Sarah is absolutely hilarious - she seems to have a "Why do I put up with this man?" attitude, but they clearly love each other.

What a very wonderful thing they did for Jay, and I know that's a memory he'll always cherish.

It's a strange place to be in your head when something that should make you happy (meeting someone you admire) instead carries a slight taint. The weekend I met Tony at a convention was actually one of the worst of my life (Lost my uncle to a heart attack the week before, it was the one-year anniversary of my grandfather's death and...stuff) so when I look at our picture together I'm always reminded more of how miserable I was in private rather than the fantastic smile and hugs I got.

And MTV sucks.
I showed this to my transgender partner. Who is now weeping tears of joy.

Well done, all.
I didn't say I wasn't happy for the kid. Awesome day all around. But it just isn't in personal blogs that I am seeing this trend. It's everywhere. There are thousands of fantastic adjectives in our language. Would be nice to see people use them instead of falling back on vulgarity to express their excitement. That's all. That being said, I am very happy for him.
It's a lovely story. I'm very happy for Jay.
I think I was the one who posted the original MTV link. Not sure how MTV bungled, but apologies if I did something wrong. :(

Anyway, I thought it was a cool story about ASH and it was worth sharing.

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