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January 20 2015

Cross Whedonverse universal Slayer theory. A quick, fun fan theory linking some whedonverse properties together.

Although somebody should have told this person about Fray.

I like it! They need to work in Dollhouse which can easily lead to Agents of Shield through Coulson.
So that means that Darlene in "Brain-Dead Poets' Society"
is a slayer, also? Cool!

That much world weary angst should not go to waste.
Based on the time frame Darlene would have to be a potential that was never called.
But . . . . , Darlene would have been chosen when Willow called all the potentials to be slayers.
If only it had been earlier, she might have beat the stuffing out of that shifty character Doyle (while he was calling himself Mark. See? Shifty, (and maybe shirty).) and kept him from moving to LA.
Big changes to the world then.
This has been making the rounds the last week. Fun, but yeah doesn't really mesh with the comic continuations (especially Fray).
I'm sure we can make a comprehensive one. To Tumblr!
It sort of amuses me the frame they use for little River, because I'm very sure there is a shot that doesn't have Zefron Simon in it too.

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*__* Win. Don't care if it's old.
Didn't the Initiative pre-decease the Circle of the Black Thorn? So it would have to have been a different shadowy quasi-governmental organization that crumbled in 2012.
That depends on how you interpret it. Was the 'Initiative' exclusively the underground base/weird science project led by Walsh, or does the 'Initiative' simply refer to the government/army anti-monster division which clearly does still exist? I don't recall if any of the season five/six/seven Riley episodes ever say the word 'initiative' outright, but the organization still does exist in some form and (at least in fanfic) most people are still going to refer to it by the name they've always used before, unless they're given a different one.

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