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January 20 2015

The top 8 best female Joss Whedon characters. Ranked according to how unstoppably awesome they are.

A listicle looking at some of the more awesome Whedon women. "What I really love about Whedon's characters-and what I think makes these women so compelling on screen-is that they do not exist in stasis."

Not sure why Dana from citw didn't make the list
With all the great female characters who came out of Joss's brain, Dana wasn't even on my radar, especially since the characters from his TV series have had so much more definition.
No Faith? For same.

Or Darla?
Well, Dana did bring about the apocalypse. So I guess it depends how awesome you interpret that.
while simultaneously hitting a joint.
Awesome female characters who Joss didn't create but he has written for or directed include Ellen Ripley in Alien Resurrection, Kitty Pride in Astonishing X-men, Wonder Woman in the unmade Wonder Woman screenplay, Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill in the Avengers, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. In terms of original characters, can we also add Fred in Angel, Echo once she achieves self awareness, and Priya in Dollhouse, Melaka Fray, and May, Skye and Simmons in Agents of SHIELD (though you can argue about whether Skye/Daisy is an original character).
(And depending how you count her/ it, Illyria- who certainly fits the unstoppably awesome definition.)
I think it's easier to make a list of Whedon characters (female or otherwise) who aren't awesome ;)
I would replace Adelle and Anya with Fred and Faith.
Ugh! Fred/Illyria is sadly missing. And then what he did with Kitty Pride. And Frey!

Still within this list, I'd order 3,4,5.6 this way:

3. Anya Jenkins
4. River Tam
5. Zoe
6. Cordelia

Anya's arc was amazing IMO.
All the AoS ladies are amazing, but I'm not sure their character development can be attributed to Joss. He certainly laid the framework on most of them though.
Melaka Fray, wherefore art thou? A truly effective, heartfelt character who lives in a graphic novel. A novel that gives you a lot of action and a huge emo blow that makes your stomach plunge, just as huge as anything that's happened in Firefly, Buffy, Angel or Dollhouse. Most of all, this young heroine learns the hard way, like a certain B we all know. Ah well.
Agreed, Tonya J, and all those that want Melaka on that list. Seriously.

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