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"I need my vicarious smoochies."
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January 21 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #11. It's the first part of the "Love Dares You" arc.

Lots of stuff happened in this issue! Excited to see how it all pans out.
Yeah! I'm really impressed by how several of this stories developed. The more impactful ones were Andrew's and Spuffy, mind you. Has Andrew finally accepted his sexuality? AND is he a super-hero? WTF? Then, Buffy and Spike's kiss didn't feel forced at all, and I loved Dawn telling her sister (and motivating her as well) about how she's been a loner by choice. I don't know, I can really relate to Buffy on this one, but that's probably why I love her stories so much. Anyway, where do we go from here? We'll see.

Loved the returns of Ghost!Anya and Olivia (had to check her name) for the repercussions they may have over Xander and Giles (will we get to see Ripper!Giles?). Awesome issue!
Its nice, sort of, but on this kind of issues i miss Joss the most on Buffy. Its all exposition and life lessons... in a bad way.
Glad to see no kittens were harmed in the making of this comic, although, preventive, Dawn should be kept away from them.

Fun issue.
I really need to run out for this issue. Sounds like it's very interesting.
Note that the kittens can see Anya, which proves that she's not just a figment of Xander's imagination.
As someone who's wanted the last page to happen for a loooong time....

this issue was incredible for me. It is Joss though, after all, so I'm curious to see how the next issue will begin... it can't be all butterflies and rainbows.
That's a good observation about Anya and the kitties, AndrewCrossett—I didn't catch it on first read. I always appreciate when the art provides important information that isn't conveyed in dialogue. (Even if I was slow and missed this one first time around.) I loved this issue. I have a soft spot for Andrew, so his chapter in particular made my day. But they were all satisfying, and moved everyone's story forward in one fell swoop/issue. Yay.

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It's a good issue and I'm glad we got a payoff at the end. This has been building up since last season.
I thought the issue was great. I loved the end but that's how I roll. It's nice to see other fans weren't completely alienated. Of course, I immediately wondered about the price of such a smooch. I think Spike is going to botch it next issue & I love Spike. He just was def thrown by it.

I did struggle with super powered Andrew. I love his saying he was gay but I couldn't shake the feeling that his super poweredness was not right in those scenes. He drank the potion so I'm guessing that his perception was skewed or ...he's really super Andrew. It left me unsettled.

I'd like to keep stalker dude from speed dating. He knew his mythology. Let's add him to the Scoobs.
Finally got my copy of Buffy # 11 yesterday.The first part of "Love Dares You."

My reaction to the issue was mixed.

To start with the elephant in the room.The devlopments on the Buffy/Spike front.As most already know,not thrilled with this.With that said,I will try to wait to see where this goes and also try not to pre-judge.I do realize that this is only issue 11 of a 30 issue series and it's not fair to the creative team to make a final decision on a storyline when it's just at the beginning.Who knows how things will ultimately play out.So I will try to stay in the wait and see mode right now.

As other's suspect,I expect Spike to reject/push Buffy away at the beginning of next issue.I really don't want to read a season of Buffy chasing after Spike trying to prove to Spike that she wants to be with him.Like I said,I'll wait to see where this goes because who knows if that's what is going to play out.As others are guessing I'm also figuring that this is where Dylan may come into play.

I will say that after reading the issue that this feels like shades of season 8 where Buffy became interested in Xander IMO right now.Also Dawn and Willow's talk with Buffy about it also feels like a repeat of Buffy's talk with Xander in season 5 about Riley in the episode,"Into The Woods."

Moving on.I feel so bad for Giles in this issue.And this is a plot I think I can see getting really invested in.Giles is in a terrible spot.The body of a kid and the mind of a middle age man and it seems these too things are in conflict with each other and are creating a chaotic situation for the poor guy.Olivia is right that she can't be expected that she can be with someone physically 12 years old.That no sane woman could IMO.But Giles also has the point that how can he be with someone in his actual physical age range.As Giles points out,he would feel just as creepy dating someone at that age.This is a horrible place Giles is in and I'm really interested in seeing how this story plays out.

On the Willow/Aluwyn front.I don't have much of opinion.I see Willow's concerns.Aluwyn is a shady character and I would be leery about trusting her.

The Xander/Dawn thing I'm more invested in.I actually grew to like their pairing over season 8 and 9.But like with Giles,they are in a pretty crummy situation.I agree with Dawn though that Xander is trying too hard.

Also interesting getting ghost Anya's view things.And I guess this issue gives more weight to Anya being more then just in Xander's head given how the cats reacted.

Don't have any real opinion about Andrew being gay.He's a character that I'm usually not interested in anyway and find annoying most times(He does have his moments though).

I did think the opening of the issue that was previewed was very funny still.

I also liked Megan Leven's art in the issue too.I think it fits Buffy although I will be glad when RI is back.

So those are my thoughts on Buffy # 11.
I'm late as always, but in case others are still reading ... I really enjoyed this issue. Andrew sort of backed down on being gay, and I hope he remains asexual. There is nothing wrong with that, and I'm sure there are comic readers who can identify.

It's BDSM, not B&D and S&M, as that vampire should know if he's in the scene. (I'm not, but my sister is.) The kitten episode was cute, but I don't see how people who eat meat should begrudge demons eating kittens.

I loved the last scene, and I wish Spuffy could have some time together before something bad happens.

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