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January 22 2015

The day Gail Simone met Joss Whedon. Comic book writer Gail Simone tweets about her first encounter with Joss and Wonder Woman.

OK, someone please help: Who is this Gail Simone person, and what has she written that I can immediately go read or watch or assemble or eat or ...? Because what she posted is really lovely, but I had no idea that she even existed before. Now I see clearly that I need (whatever she's done) in my life.
Gail Simone is a comic book writer, mainly known for her work at DC comics. She had a good run on Wonder Woman, but the work that really made her stand out was on Birds of Prey. I believe all of her Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman runs are in Trade paperbacks on Amazon.

I don't love everything she's done, but she's done quite a bit that I do love.
Gail Simone is one of my favorite comic book writers... her "Birds of Prey" is one of the titles, along with Warren Ellis's "Transmetropolitan," that got me reading comics as an adult.

If you want to check out her stuff start with the "Of Like Minds" Birds of Prey trade paperback. Also recommended: "Secret Six."

It's crazy that she's not familiar with Buffy, because so many people have commented on how Whedonesque her writing style is. She was actually approached about writing for the Buffy comics, but it didn't work out.
Her "Birds of Prey" are just comics or the tv show too, because, even being a bad series I had a fell that the producers tried to emulate Buffy. A fun fact, here the main character code name (huntress) was virtually the same as the traslation for Buffy slayer: Cašadora.
OK, someone please help: Who is this Gail Simone person

She's written many comics (some already mentioned here) and some other things (the Wonder Woman movie with Nathan Fillion). People might also be interested in Women in Refrigerators, Batgirl, Red Sonja, Secret Six, and her White House speech.

She's also super fun to follow on Twitter.
She has also recently written the Batgirl and Tomb Raider comics, is currently working on a rebooted Secret Six comic, and recently wrote an original graphic novel called Leaving Megalopolis.
What a wonderful little story of their encounter. That has both cheered me while at the same time made me a tad sad about what we didn't get to see.

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Gail Simone is a very lovely person indeed. Back in the day before DC started cracking down on it, she used to frequent Scans Daily and talk to myself and the other fans on there, and she was as nice as you could possibly imagine. I also remember reading that when using something that John Byrne created on Wonder Woman she actually called him up to ask if she could have permission to use it in one of her stories. Even though Byrne wasn't even at the company anymore and DC probably wouldn't have had any problem with her doing so. (Which is a million miles away from the likes of Bendis who have no problem whatsoever ruining continuity and overwriting other previous writer's work on titles.)

And I've got to say her work on Secret Six and the pre new 52 Birds of Prey was just sublime. I actually wish, (in the absence of Joss's take,) WB could have taken her script for the animated WW movie and made the live action feature out of it. Would have been superb!

So yeah, reading of their meeting there was a real treat. I hope some day they get to work on something together!
Gail Simone is someone who can be lovely, but also not. She has a strong voice, when compared to other mainstream super hero comic writers, that sometimes is insightful, but sometimes not. She used to post somewhat regularly on the DC Message Boards, and watching her interactions there, as well as places like CBR, BC, etc. then she struck me as a complex person who often, though not always, tried to be nice, and succeeded at that more than she didn't.
Generally I've found that when Gail Simone isn't nice, the person on the receiving end deserves it.
I've been on her message board for over 10 years and I've never seen her go after anyone that didn't deserve it, that I can remember. She certainly isn't hesitant to get into it on Twitter sometimes.
I think we're veering into the personal realm rather than the writing domain. I think she's a very solid writer with a passionate fanbase. Secret Six stuff was fab.
Birds of Prey and Secret Six are the things to look into for those who want to see how she's so compatible with the Whedonverse. Also, her two Welcome To Tranquility miniseries.
Huge thanks to everyone who replied. I've ordered the "Wonder Woman" DVD and am heading to the comics store this afternoon. I think I have a new crush ...

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