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January 22 2015

Jason Hall talks about writing the Academy Award nominated movie 'American Sniper'. The actor and writer who played 'Dingoes Ate my Baby' frontman Devon talks to TIME about the movie's controversial politics, fighting a Navy SEAL and other filmmaker choices about the final movie. There's an interesting podcast interview from The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith with him, where his work on BtVS gets discussed a bit.

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Ugh! I think this has been covered enough here, especially for someone who had a minor, forgettable role on Buffy. It IS a jingoistic movie that glorifies a racist mass murderer.

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Not me. He was in at least 8 episodes and was a recognizable, recurring character with a name familiar to fans, and who conversed with the show's regulars. We've given repeated, even overblown coverage of Amy Adams, who appeared in a single "Buffy" episode.

Jason Hall has turned out to be a successful screenwriter, who has been BAFTA and Oscar nominated! Just because some of us don't like the MOVIE he wrote is no good reason to ignore news about him.
The Amy Adams coverage is a fab injoke. I will never tire of it. But if it turns into Hallesque here, then measures will be taken. In the meantime, this is his second mention here on the front page and he's a Buffy actor who has done well for himself and deserves his moment in the sun.
As a non US'er and being from a country outside the terror war I don't consider AS so terrible, just a bad Chuck Norris flick without Chuck Norris. Zero Dark Thirty was way more offensive to me, since it descripts torture and the intent to kill a person (Bin Laden) without a proper judgment, by the higher grops of a democratic country.

Amy Adams is a injoke? Oh, man, I allways liked her mentions ;(
This movie is offensive, because it glorifies a mass murderer, who chose to go to someone else's country to kill "savages." While I'm sure this is a Hollywood treatment, it's about a real person, who wrote a book bragging about his kills.

The film portrays all Iraqis as dangerous, shifty characters, rather than human beings being terrorized by the American military in their homes and communities.

The film perpetuates the lie that Iraq had something to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center. WE KNOW THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is ZERO evidence that Iraq ever had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.

The film has spawned a new wave of anti-Muslim bigotry on social media. Don't be surprised if there is a new wave of hate crimes directed at Muslims, or any brown-skinned people who fit the stereotypical (and usually erroneous) image of a Muslim.

The film portrays a sociopath/psychopath as a heroic victim of a just war. This IS jingoistic, racist, pro-war propaganda. Period.

Let Hall have his moment, so that we can see what he has written says about his principles (or lack thereof). Those of us who find this movie reprehensible should not have to hold back on what we think, just because the screenplay was written by a bit player who once worked on Buffy.
Perhaps Simon's warning wasn't clear. You can disagree with content without making remarks about someone's character. Have some time off to think about it, Nebula1400.
It was my falt, Snfire. Probably, something in my bad English wording bothered Nebula.

However, if I still can take a little point of the previous post, I don't believe a bad movie like this (here, at least, it isn't being very noticed) can do much damage to the muslins image around the worls, specially now, when the right wing groups will be trying to link all of them with the French terrorist attack.
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm still impressed. It's a big hit, and an Oscar contender and written by Devon? He must also be a hell of an actor because he played shallow dim bulb so very well that this is a shocking bit of news to me! Good for him!
I would like to know if in other countries, outside USA this movie is getting a big coverage and good critics, because here it isn't. Which I consider right, since, at least to me, it is worst than Tom Bereger's "Sniper". Probably, if wasn't for the Oscar attention it wouldn't even had a theathers release here.
It's a Clint Eastwood film. Honestly, I would be shocked if I find it excessively jingoistic when I eventually see it because he usually seems to like nuance. I'd expect to see some sort of conflict between patriotism and the brutality of wars Americans seem OK dispatching their soldiers to fight. But, since I haven't seen it yet I can't make that claim other than I would be shocked. Hell, Gran Torino's curmudgeon I had a hard time figuring out how I felt about.

The problem is, if he did tell a human story about complex person given the subject matter that's not how it will be perceived by the two poles. That may not be the writer or the director's fault so much as they chose to wade into those waters. There are sharks there.

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In my opinion, the movie simply presents events and lets the viewer bring their own perspective to them. The film certainly does not put Chris Kyle up on a pedestal and portray him as a perfect human being - and while it's made clear that he believed in the war, I don't believe the film itself makes any narrative effort to justify that belief - and actually undercuts it with several other characters who don't feel the same way. The film does absolutely nothing to link the Iraqi state to 9/11, but we do factually know that elements of Al Qaeda took up the fight in the vacuum in Iraq after Hussein's regime fell. I wouldn't say the movie is jingoistic or pro-war at all - and in fact, it's biggest strength is probably showing the difficulties veterans face in coming home to their families afterwards.

All that said, is it a good movie? I suppose it depends on what you want out of it. I'd say it's a glimpse into what our veterans deal with during and after war, but it's not the kind of movie you'll likely leave feeling "entertained".

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