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January 22 2015

The worst of the best: Buffy "Where the Wild Things Are". The Nerdist continues their look at the worst episodes of the best shows.

The episode is well worth it just for the reaction shot to Giles's performance. Xander's cautious skepticism especially.
I can't hate the episode because its the first time we have Giles singing (and the Anya/ Spike subplot has some funny moments as well.)
I agree with both Brett and rg253. With Buffy, even the worst episodes have great moments.

I would argue that Season 7 had some of the weakest episodes of the series, all clustered around the middle of the season.
I would not argue with Nebula1400 and say that we agree.
I'd argue that Season 7 was the worst season period. Unless you count the comics seasons. I agree where the wild things are was a weak episode, but I can think of several that were significantly worse. And Giles singing The Who definitely makes it a must-see. I can't remember the Spike / Anya subplot, but I'm sure that I must have enjoyed it because, well, it had Spike and Anya. I think my choice for worst would be I Robot, You Jane, or whatever that's called.

Some of the popular candidates for "worst" episode are actually very close to my heart, especially Normal Again and to a lesser extent, Beer Bad. Both of these episodes get an unfairly bad rap, IMO.
'Best' and 'worst' are completely subjective, opinion-based descriptors, of course.
Where the Wild Things Are was wrecked by the Buffy/Riley stuff which was just a complete flop for passionate, it was just cringe worthy and so yeah, it is one of my least favourite episodes. Spike's S7 was a really well written path imo, it was the potentials that duffed that season for me.
I believe there was another list like this, a few years back, that "awarded" Beer Bad and, of course, Spock's Brain from ST TOS.
It is worth noting that this episode is somewhat of a rebelious act.
I cant find the article, but im pretty sure that the tv-station was threatening to pull the show over a willow/tera on screen kiss at the time (might not have been pulling the show as much as not wanting the lesbian act so visual), and whedon desided to give them a big flipping of the bird, inform of a full episode of buffy/riley having sex. Been years since i read that, so memory might be foggy.
I just started a friend on Buffy this week ("Welcome to the Hellmouth"!) and am kind of tempted to edit episodes like this one so we can just watch all the really good bits and skip the rest. Sort of like how people have made fan edits of Star Wars I–III or all the Hobbit movies into a single film....
Nah, you should always watch them all in order, especially the first time. :)
yeah and the gangs' reaction to Giles' singing is not to be missed... (and the singing itself is pretty good too..._one's own_ reactions to it are not to be missed, IMHO)
While I'd rank this episode pretty low, there are a few reasons why it's not at the very bottom for me.
* It has some genuinely enjoyable moments and good lines, as well as dramatic moments that work.
* It's a criticism of the use of religion to justify abuse and judgment.
* It plays a part, however small, in moving one or more arcs forward; something would be missed if the episode is skipped.
* It's not Reptile Boy, which as far as I can recall is entirely skippable (I still never skip it, but I recognize that I could without missing anything of note or importance).

Side note, Beer Bad is fun and I don't care what anyone thinks. While I'm at it with the side noting, I also refuse to jump on the Kennedy hate train.
C'mon...Reptile Boy...You can't hate it just for this Cordelia line...

I just... hate you guys! The weirdest things always happen when you're around!

I like Beer Bad too though. Foamy.
I always defend Beer Bad, too. But Bad Eggs, WtWTA, and Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered were... cringy.
Nobody has mentioned Teacher's Pet. Surely I'm not the only one who considers that the worst. Maybe everyone else has blotted it from their minds?

Willowy, I kinda like Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered. It's nothing great, but I don't think it's one of the worst. And it's important for the Xander/Cordelia arc.
Buffy raised my entire estimate of whether TV could be worth watching at all or not. I've gone back and rewatched the entire series several times now, and aspects which I didn't accept when they were first broadcast (e.g. the whole relationship with Riley; Spike's attempts to dominate Buffy sexually) have settled into place for me. As a result I have much more respect now for season 4, for example, and for the non-musical episodes of season 6, than I did at the time. (I always liked the Potentials and wished that Dawn could have been one of them--the finale of season 6 seemed to promise more of a fighting role for her.)

I also think it's OK that season 1 has some episodes that would never have been made later on. That was how things ran at the time, because they had to. Every episode still shows and develops the characters I love. And "Nightmares" and "Prophecy Girl" stand on their own quite well, I think.

To my mind, the least developed writing occurs in a season 3 episode that Joss had to write on zero notice over a single weekend, "Amends". The dialog in the climactic scene is all soap-y and the ending relies on a Christmas miracle of all things. To me it seemed eminently skippable until all of a sudden season 7 turned the First Evil retroactively into a really interesting villain.

--best regards

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In theory, Where the Wild Things Are is a pretty good episode. Lots of funny moments, Xander's "she who dealt it" line KILLS me!
The whole scene between Anya and Spike is fantastic, and the general theme and moral of the story are good. Giles singing. It's the utter lack of chemistry between Buffy and Riley that makes it unwatchable. They look tortured. It is more tolerable if you fast forward through the sex scenes.
mozarellademon I didn't know that about Amends. One of my least favorite episodes. Christmas snow. Sheesh. But I do love the Xander bits of that one. There's something to love in every episode I think.
I agree Xane, about Buffy/Riley as well as there being something in each episode, even the rare ones you don't really like much. Across the whole verse the weakest episodes that I can't think of a redeeming fact about off the top of my head were She and Expected in AtS. Damn they sucked and back-to-back too, that was rough! :D
Aw, Where the Wild Things Are has lots of good stuff. I think pretty much all the episodes of Buffy do, even the more forgettable ones (also, I too find Beer Bad to be a lot of fun. SMG as CaveBuffy makes me laugh every time). Season one episodes generally gets a pass from me because it's so early and goofy and everyone looks like babies.

The one episode that I don't like to watch is The Killer In Me. While I enjoy watching Adam Busch play Willow, the whole plot just rubs me the wrong way, especially its resolution.

I also did not know about how Amends was written. That sort of makes it more interesting. I've always felt it's pretty inoffensive, as Christmas episodes go - magical snow aside, the mushy holiday sentiment stays more or less in check.
WTWTA has so many great moments with Giles, Anya and Spike that I could never call it the worst episode.

A lot of people say Beer Bad's the worst, but when I skip past the dumb college boy cavemen parts, the rest of it is pretty decent if not downright funny. SMG has some great comedic chops and she lets it show in that episode.

Teacher's Pet at least sets up the running gag of Xander being demon bate where his love life is concerned.

The most unwatchable episodes IMO are I Robot, You Jane, Go Fish and Empty Places.
Lots of people like BB&B; it shows the nature of what magick can be, and I can't dislike a show with still-decent-Amy in it
Whoa! I totally missed the back story regarding "Amends”. Was that in the DVD commentary?

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