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January 23 2015

16 late-arrival female TV characters we can't live without. Faith, Anya, Fred, oh my!

Not bad, and one of the more original lists we've had on the front page. Cheers.
Am I the only one who finds Jody Mills rather boring? Of all the female characters they have brought on to Supernatural, she's probably the least interesting.
@Angel&Faith-Jody is decent IMO. The worst one for that show was Amelia, which they at least realized halfway into the season and didn't drag it out until the finale.
Supernatural has always had major female and minority representation issues.
That was an excellent post on all accounts {shows). Did my heart good to see Faith, Anya, and Fred mentioned again!
libradude :One of several reasons I gave up on it.

BtVS, Angel BBT being the only ones I am especially familiar with, I'll take their word otherwise. I like how, even tho they couldn't give Tara an entry she was mentioned in the text. And I still hate Faith's name would it kill an executive producer to give a character an eastern European ethnic name?

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Daddycat, were you making a statement?
That's actually a decent list. If anyone here has missed Bebe Neuwirth's performance as Lilith or Kristie Alley's performance as Rebecca Howe in Cheers, check it out.

As for Jodie Mills, I like her, but in true Supernatural fashion for women, she's not getting tension driven complex arcs, thus I can see her being a bit stale. Many Supernatural fans are cheering for more from her and the actress who plays her is amazingly awesome. Hopefully, after 10 years of the menfest, Jodi will get more darkness to deal with - and I mean the internal kind. Her past warrants it.

And I get and support that fans ought to stay out of the writing of a show; however, Supernatural still needs a little encouragement to be more diverse.
Hey double post -- but I didn't italicize at all. Whassup?
There we go, all sorted.
Thank you! You are such an awesome moderator -- fixing screwy font and all.
Madhatter I did say I liked it, well I thought I said that. Sorry if I got careless.
In my view, Ruby, Meg, the pacifist vampire girl, Jo and of course Felicia Day's character are the best females they've had as regulars. Jody was really only interesting when she was developing a romantic relationship with a certain character I won't state for spoiler reasons.

Frankly though, I find Supernatural in general pretty bad right now. Their 200th episode was embarrassing and made me not even want to be a fan anymore. It seemed to celebrate everything that is bad about the show and its fandom rather than the positives.

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