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January 25 2015

Jonathan Nolan on Dollhouse - 'Lisa Joy and I watched and admired it'. The show got a mention when Jonathan was talking about his and Lisa's tv adaptation of 'Westworld'.

With added fun, with Jonah being Amy Acker's boss on Person of Interest. Now make me wonder if having watching Amy there, is part of the reason for them to cast Amy on the show and giving her such meaty role on POI.
Right at the end of the article, I was sure they were going to reference Firefly. Oh, well.
The sidebar has a link to an article about Emmy ROSSUM. Coincidence? I think not.
Numfar PTB, I know I've read that Nolan credited Lisa w/bringing Amy to his attention to read for Root.

And I have to say, I never thought I'd have a crush on Acker, but she's amazing in the role. It's...very much a Whedon "rounded female character" role in many, many ways. I'd recommend the show to anyone who's a Joss fan, frankly.

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