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January 26 2015

Empire magazine unveils its Avengers: Age of Ultron issue. It'll be out on the 29th of this month. Juicy excerpts from the Joss interview can be found here and here.

Joss says that its very doubtful he will return for Avengers 3.
The cover with the Avengers is kinda terrible. The one with Ultron is cool.

I'm glad Whedon is stepping down. It's been way too long since we had something original from him.
SImon you should fix the 1st extra link, I think there's a duplicated http:// in it.

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Well spotted, thanks.
I find it interesting that he says he still wants to be involved in Marvel- even if he's not directing Avengers 3 (parts one and two.)
(Certainy leads credibilty to the idea that he might be involved on a story and producing level for Infinity War, alongside some more episode of Agents of Shield.)
So begins the ramp up - in about 60 days we'll be at full roar with daily news items/trailers/interviews and such. Glad to hear Joss hopes to stay connected with Marvel in some fashion ... in addition to being a fan of the source material I do think he enjoys the people he's connected with through the MCU - James Gunn, Kenneth B., Kevin Feige etc.

I imagine it's not unlike Joss' experience during the heyday of the TV Whedonverse - writers directors actors all running about creating and somehow hoping it all ties together correctly
I would be over the moon to hear Joss was going to be heavily involved in the screenplays for those, I maintain there's no other creative force out there better suited to The Avengers. But while that's still one heck of a lot of work, that would leave him plenty of time and energy to do other things. Fingers crossed.

I have very bad feelings as to the futures of Hawkeye and/or Nick Fury come May 1st.
I smell negotiating tactics here. I mean, these are pretty much the comments he made after the first Avengers, and he got a TV show and production credits on all of Phase Two out of that. I suspect he could get even more after Age of Ultron makes two billion dollars for Marvel.

My guess is he signs a non-exclusive deal to script Infinity War, produce it, and he maybe writes a couple of episodes of Agents of Shield while spending less overall time on Marvel and more on original stuff.
"....The Avengers need to die.”

While we’re pretty sure he's joking..

Um, this is one case where I believe him. It has to end dark. I can't see it going any other way.

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Acording to IMDb, Joss doesn't have a producer credit in the MCU outside of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Production credit, not Producer credit-
Although from memory he only got an official credit on Iron Man 3 (special thanks)- we also know he did uncredited re-writes on Thor 2 and some ambiguous consulting on Guardians and Captain America 2.

(And it is that work as a consultant that Agent is probably referring too.)

Yep! Thanks. I know Joss was potentially going to consult on every Phase 2 flick, sort of as he wanted/as time allowed. Not really sure how everything got credited, or if it did... my understanding/rampant speculation from reading between the lines of that whole "$100 million to direct Avengers 2"/"I'm not making Downey money" thing was that he was being paid less than $100 million strictly for Avengers 2, but his deal with Marvel through this summer could be worth up to as much as $100 million depending on how many pies he stuck his fingers in. As you said, he did some rewrites for Thor 2--and was apparently reviewing the GotG drafts at the least--in addition to his credited work on Iron Man 3 and Agents of SHIELD. I also remember Louis Esposito saying it was Whedon's idea to do the Marvel One Shot about the Mandarin because "you do the one where you can get Sir Ben Kingsley" or something to that effect.

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