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January 26 2015

(SPOILER) Christos Gage Slayalive Q&A for Buffy #11. Spoiler tagged to be extra cautious. It is mostly clarifications of things from issues already released.

Well done Q & A, I'm very curious where Gage's going with Andrew and if there was a vision of him clearly laid out.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who simultaneously enjoyed the last panel and then fretted about what might be next.

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Spike will be the Big Bad for this season, calling it now.
You are evil @without_passion - but totally possible. Isn't there a soul sucker monster demon on the loose? Oh no, I can see this happening.

Oh dear, Spike.
Sorry, @hann23 ! Just going with a gut feeling and the total plausability of it. It would be painful and drive the story forward, plus give Angel a reason to come back. Spike has been played relatively the safest of all the Scoobies development wise since Season 9. Now that there's a chance for him and Buffy to be honest with each other and even happy, it will come crashing down.
I would expect something soul related to happen because it has been so flagged around him/Buffy as a topic of the season. But there isn't any reason to suspect him losing his soul would make him go all 'big bad'. I suppose he could be controlled by someone, Dru perhaps or an evil Dylan. Although that is a little fanfic of a rival love interest. But with the machinations of the glutton gang relating to a weakness from an ally, they could have something like that planned. But then that is very S7/The First and then it becomes a bit too much potentially of a S2/bad boyfriend repeat, or even a bit S3 with the Mayor/Faith trying to turn Angel. So they all seem too recycled (not that that has stopped them before). Sure Christos effectively saying there wasn't going to be a big bad as such could have been a cover for the potential but I just can't see this being where it goes. Although I do think losing his soul is a realistic, if somewhat overly pointed to, possibility.

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It's okay - I knew there would be a price for the smooch. Maybe he will lose his soul and will again ask Buffy to end him, which she won't, so he will leave. Maybe visit Angel?

Or Buffy will be tempted to use the book to somehow fix it.

I agree that something is up; Spike's soul has been mentioned too many times.

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