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January 26 2015

Morena Baccarin talks more about her role on 'Gotham'. Including information about how the character was developed and what is coming up in upcoming episodes of the series.

She has been a welcome addition to the rather inconsistent show.
Enjoyed her take on the character, which is already inserted in a mish-mash of things that the producers decided to create.
Wished I enjoyed the show more, considering that Ben Edlund is also on staff, yet this is easily the most droppable and forgettable of the DC Comics based tv shows on air now.
It's my favourite of the DC shows (considering it's the only one I watch.) She has more chemistry with Jim than Barbara has - I wonder how they'll deal with that.
The Flash is the strongest of the current DC TV offerings in my opinion. Arrow remains solid, but the show has always been a bit too soap-y and Nolan-esque for me. Most signs point towards a quick cancellation for Constantine.
Definitely The Flash is the strongest of the batch, which curiously also features Morena doing recurring voice-work.
Constantine is really good too, really hoping against hope that it doesn't get cancelled.

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