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January 27 2015

Joss Whedon 'very doubtful' for Avengers sequel Infinity War. His comments made in the latest issue of Empire Magazine are getting a fair bit of press.

We'd been talking about it here yesterday.

As much as I would love a 'Joss Whedon Marvel trilogy', I think most of us on here would prefer to see him do more personal projects in the future.

Plus he's bound to be kept on the MCU team as a consultant, so he'll get the best of both worlds anyway!
Is it weird to feel self-conscious that it feels like that we probably have mainstream media monitoring this in case our purple friend decides to pop-up here for some longer statement or something. - Just rambling.

Looking forward to reading the entire Empire article and interviews in context, kinda bummed that it seems that Empire UK digital issues are only available for iPad devices, but no Android options.
Perhaps I am too jaded, but doesn't this seem like the standard reluctant-yet-still-non-committal posturing one does when a contract negotiation is coming up? "I *really* am pretty-mostly sure I probably wouldn't do it. [unless you give me concessions X and Y, and/or cash $Z]."

That having been said, I certainly don't blame the man for playing the game.
Maybe Disney should give him his own original series with a guarantee of 2-3 seasons, and in exchange, he stays on to work scripts from time to time, be it touchups or in some cases, or full scripts.

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I'm torn on this. On one hand, I don't think there's anyone better to write/direct these Marvel films than Joss, but his own, original stories are unique gems in an increasingly rehashed/recycled entertainment industry. I suppose as long as he has the means to continue working (and that certainly will not be a problem anymore), I guess we all win. I think in the end I prefer that he do his own thing... though I admit that Much Ado About Nothing wasn't really for me.
The Sony leaks a while back essentially confirmed he would not be directing Infinity War as well.

Overall, I'm happy he's likely moving onto his own projects/worlds again. He's done great work at Marvel, but many of us were uber-fans long before his tenure there.
I'd like it if there was a way he could write Infinity War and hand it off to a director that he could trust....
I think two solid stories is more than enough. Joss can stay as long as he wants, but I imagine it's scary looking at the pipeline and knowing full-well that a trilogy doesn't mean much when the MCU keeps going on. He set the foundation and brought unprecedented attention to the Marvel Universe, so if he leaves, along with (probably) some of the Avengers crew, it'll be okay.
Here's what I remember about Joss's comments after the first Avengers- he was exhausted and didn't want to do a sequel unless he had a good idea for what he wanted to do with it. Right now, with Marvel having Phase 3 all mapped out already, Joss doesn't have the same luxury of creating his own story for another Avengers movie. So if he's exhausted again after this movie and doesn't have the same degree of creative freedom, then I'm not surprised he's looking to step away. Then again, it's entirely possible that he had a huge hand in the Phase 3 plans, which would defeat the creative freedom argument...

I'll follow whatever Joss chooses to do next, but I'm hoping he gets to take a break post-Avengers and then do some (smaller) more personal projects again.
Joss has choices and will make them when he has to. Whatever the decisions I have the time for whatever he makes.

From a career building standpoint he's in the best position possible for someone who deep down wants to create original work. If he sticks with headlining Marvel projects he will be under ever-increasing pressure as expectations continually rise. If he focuses on original work fan expectations will be high but the big spotlight will shift away from him if he wants it to. And then when he's ready to share he'll get support like he's never seen before for his own work.

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I think he's made Godfather 1 and 2. And doesn't want to make 3.
I really enjoyed Avengers, but the stories I truly love are Joss' personal projects, so this is good news to me. Didn't he say at one point that he wanted to join the writer's room for Agents of SHIELD? If he did that, I would be frickin' head over heels. I'm already loving the show this season, but the occasional Joss-penned-directed ep would be icing on the cake!
I'm fine with whatever Joss decides to do, tho' I would prefer he at least sit at the table for the Infinity War discussions. Joss doing some script work on the Thanos/Death relationship seems too juicy to pass up

As to what's next - I'm hoping someone like Netflix steps up and offers him the chance to do original short form TV - that seems to be one of the few places still promoting creator focused efforts
Avengers 1 was a great time, I laughed my arse off at Hulk punching Thor out of frame for example. 2 will hopefully be a good film, too. But the time commitment to doing another 2 movies shot back to back and the consequences to living a healthy life (and also the chance of staying until the audience grows away).. I wouldn't. If Joss can drop the mic on superhero movies with Ultron, I think that's a high class problem/solution.
Hopefully at the least he could stay on as a consultant and even potentially produce/ write. The MCU and Joss Whedon are two of my favorite things and I don't want them to split :(
Most of the exhaustion Joss had I think was from the directing/editing process... so I'd be satisfied if he wrote the script or at least did his doctoring magic, etc, and the R Brothers directed.

Then Joss can cleanly wrap up a triligy and have time/energy to wow us with some original stuff (maybe even SHIELD a bit) or do something with Shakespeare,
Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Paul Bettany and Chiwetel Ejiofor.... Something . ..anything. I am there.

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Whatever Joss does next I'll be there waiting in line(or online) like everyone else here.

Please do something in the Buffy universe again

We have a small voice tag?
I'm a big fan of MCU and Joss's work with the Avengers but I just can't wait for more original Joss-y content.
It's been years now since Joss has been able to put his energies into making a story that started life in his own brain, so can you imagine how many new ideas he's probably come up with in that time? I'd love to see some of them. I've loved his recent output, but surely he's never been in a better position to make something new and strange.
I shall post in a small voice for the rest of my life.

What everyone else said about Joss's work. Also, we don't want Marvel to break him. Whole Joss is preferable to processed Joss, or Joss in little pieces all over the floor. So messy.

I know I'm in the minority but I hope he does come back for more Avengers. This band of heroes means a lot to me. I don't think anyone but Joss can really live up to the crazy high expectations I have for them in my imagination.

That said, I could live with a different director as long as Joss writes.
One of the few hoping for more Marvel stuff from Joss. He's had such a big hand in shaping the MCU that it would be sad if he's not there to wrap up the Thanos story line.

I also think that maybe he is going to do Inhumans next, since there is a good chance that it will have strong connections to Agents of Shield.
Whatever he decides is fine by me, but mostly I want him to be around for a long, long time, telling stories the Whedony way. Kevin Feige is no fool. If he can keep Joss on retainer as a consultant, on any level, the MCU will be the better for it.
I still think Joss is a possibility for Captain Marvel, would probably be more of a 2 year job and he'll be able to have a little break after AoU.
Personally, I'm greatly excited to see more of his personal stuff, which I prefer by a long way. In a recent interview he mentioned he was thinking about doing something in historical times, a "swashbucling" thing. Now I NEED to see that!
Oh, lordy, a swashbuckling period piece from His Purpleness? Be still my heart!

Yeah, it's time for Joss to move on and do his genre-busting magic in new genres.
Oh, man. Swashbuckling Joss? Yes, please!
The interview is from the times of Much Ado... in fact. Here you have the link, though I don't know how to make it clickable, sorry:
Here's the thing... if Joss doesn't have the steam after these films to get his own things done on a larger scale, he never will.

Yea, he could make a third and I'm sure Feige could cut a deal. But these are huge directorial commitments and while he gets to write, he doesn't get to create the characters. Staying with Marvel is a safe bet, but Marvel has gotten such nerd cache at this point, it's questionable if he even gets full credit for his work these days. After all, it's a Marvel movie and everything they make is great, right?

I'd love to see Joss do more Marvel stuff. But I wouldn't mind seeing Joss do DC stuff. And if he wants to make something I've never seen before, I'd love that too.

I just don't think it's a requirement that he continually fast forward his life 3 years so Marvel has another film. If he wants to, great. If not, step off the ride.
Joss, if you happen to read this, I hope you have an absolute blast doing whatever makes you creatively excited. You've more than earned the right, and I hope to 'meet' many more characters that I don't yet know because you're yet to dream-craft them into existence. Or do Macbeth - because no one's yet got it right. Up to you, though - no pressure!
Marvel took him away from posting on here. I'm all for his dropping in on us from time to time again.
I completely second Efful, the Macbeth thing included :-)
I'm excited for new Joss mini projects!

Did anyone think after Serenity that this is where'd we all be years later? What a ride!
We did think we'd be close to here when he was working on Wonder Woman. Still bummed we didn't get that, but love how this has played out. It has been fun.

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