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January 27 2015

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #12. It's out on February 18th.

Unfortunately that site is members only.
That is Comic Book Resources.It's a general comic book news site.The link seems to be working for me.
It was loading a little slowly for me, but it's working.
Buffyfantic, you put in a different link but I changed it. Looks like a nice issue.
That's weird.I even double checked.Strange.Glad it's fixed anyway.
I was able to get at the link. I do find the CBR previews clunky and it can take me a little bit to get at the image.

As for the preview, Andrew is fun n super hero form.
I'm not loving Super Andrew. I kind of hope it doesn't last very long, but perhaps this issue will make me feel better about him. That being said, interested in the character stuff in this issue more than the Sculptor story.
*sigh* I'm really missing Georges Jeanty and Jo Chen...

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