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January 29 2015

The Dollhouse series finale aired five years ago today. Where does the time go?

This was the first Whedon series I watched live. I know. I was a bit late.
Did I fall asleep?
For a little white.
The show tried to do its best. The guys who tried to promote the show....not so much.
I loved the 2nd season. Miss this show!
The second season of this show may be my favorite season of television, even with the abrupt makeshift ending they were forced to use.
Having rewatched the series a couple of times, I must say it holds up well. On first watching, there was a fair deal of "but it could be so much more", but for what it turned out to be, it's got a lot going for it. While one could dislike it for what it's not, I must say I like it for what it is. I liked it when it came out, and I've come to like it even more upon rewatch.
Really? Where did the time go. One day we'll have another original Joss show on TV or perhaps he can join the writers room for AoS when he's done with AoU.
I still dislike how the series ended(Boyd) but the show really had its bright moments and the acting never failed to deliver. Belonging is still the best episode of the series.
The second season had some really interesting ideas at play. I wish they could've spent a little more time with them, but I enjoyed the show sprinting towards the end of its run rather than continuing as the slow burn season one was.

Also, Eliza Dushku should always be on TV.
I love this show. How has it been five years? It was also the first time I really followed a TV show's progress and worried about its ratings every week. Wow, was that stressful!
Does this mean that my contract is complete? And that Rossum is going to provide me with a life of luxury now?

edited to correct name of corporation bent on destruction of humanity.

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Now that's weird, that all the Actives' contracts would have been up by now! (If the series had stuck with real-time.)
Just watched the finale again in honor. It's such a good series. If only there wasn't such a thing as network interference.
Wow, has it really been 5 years since QuoterGal organized the cool tribute book given to the cast (and the regular cakes/porn cakes!?). Fun times - it was a good show, and a brave show really for what it was trying to get across about agency as a woman, as a person, identity, several themes really.

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5 years!? Feels like yesterday. Except for the ending which felt a bit rushed it was a great show and it gave us great material for discussion.
They were only able to start working on the show after the WGA strike ended, so is that plus 2-3 years-ish. 5 years did flew by.
PaperSpock, Dollhouse was my first live Whedon series too.

I miss this show. It started a lot of discussion about identity and morality between me and my friends.

The process of getting that second season was a wild ride, but it was totally worth it. Then it joined the list of my many cancelled shows.
And just to be buggy about bringing back these memories, I searched and found topics here about when Simon first suggested thanking the cast and crew somehow, the donations link, the binder with the fan accolades, and how bobw10 delivered it to the set, along with the cakes, via Shawna Trpcic (and yes Simon, this IS the best suggestion you ever made). I wish I could remember how much was donated to EN due to so much generosity from the fans, there was more than enough for the cakes. I had forgotten we did that.

And guess what? The donation link still works! Shall we have another go and thank them again? :=)

Also Simon, there is no more site that I could find with the binder given to the cast, but I have a PDF of it if you'd like to post it somewhere/store for posterity.

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