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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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January 29 2015

Cortex app, for Firefly Online, goes live today. The official companion app for the mmo game from QMx is live today.

It's available to download on multiple platforms. Once logged in, there are a few goodies available to play with, like a video with the voice over director Andrea Romano, talking about directing our favourite Big Damn Heroes.

They had me at the first "twang" of the banjo. omg!
I know, the music fits perfectly, I picked up the big damn heroes upgrade, the trading runs are a good way to get to know the game map before the game comes out also hearing Nathan as Mal again, after all these years, was great.
Is it USA-only? Can't find it on Google Play.
Definitely not just USA, I'm in Europe and it installed without issue.
Oh, OK... it works... if I install it from the web, not from my phone.
So, you can login across devices. It just requires you to either confirm an automatic log out of the other device (potentially losing some saved data since [a datestamp they provide]) or it allows you to go back and manually log out the other device yourself. In case anyone wondered, purchases are retained across platforms. (I know there are sometimes issues with that.) I've checked only iOS and the Play Store, and I'm going to check Steam for any issues of that nature as soon as I figure out my Steam account details.
I also did the 4.99 deal. Loved it. It's looking great.

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