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February 01 2015

Captain America and Star Lord bet on the Super Bowl. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt trade some good-natured barbs and then agree on a wager for charity.

Awwww real life super heroes!
I love these guys!
Captain America's favorite team is the Patriots? That makes perfect sense!
Check it out folks !!!

@BuzzFeed: Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Are Having A Super Time At The Super Bowl

UPDATE: Looks like a certain Star Lord is heading to Boston!

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We need pics of Star Lord paying up 😆
That game was insane.
I was thunderstruck when Wilson threw that game-ending interception. They were so freaking close to getting it. They could have probably just brute-forced Lynch into the end zone at that distance. Damn it!!
I'm sure Pratt will have a blast visiting kids as Star-lord though.
Don't know why - but I find it very cool that they went to game together. Somehow the fact that these ensembles seem to get along (love the ongoing AOS set hijinks)seems to add to my enjoyment of the show/movies. I know objectively it shouldn't - but it does
Did not watch the game, and went through 4 seasons of FNL without understanding anything about American Football, except for the same info I came into it, which was that QBs are kinda important in the team.

Anyway my comment is not about my ineptitude to understand the game, but to contribute two bits:

1 - There's also a T-Shirt about their bet that anyone can purchase, with proceeds going to the involved charities. Orders up to February 10th are valid to the campaign.

2 - Despite result, seems both charities are getting vists from both actros.

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@Numfar, I am from a hardcore NFL town (Eagles). I've watched my whole life and still struggle with what is happening. Give me baseball any day.

I want footage of the visits, but at the same time, having frequented CHOP in Philly, I can understand if the visits are more private. I am so glad they are doing this. All of these special little events and supports make such a huge difference to these kids.

Personally, they could up it by doing both together on different dates. Just sayin' Star Lord and Captain America together would be pretty freaking amazing.
Pratt said before the game that no matter who won the bet, they would each visit both hospitals. @hann23 - what would really top it all in Seattle, would be if they visited together on a Tuesday, because the kids at Childrens would get Russell Wilson as well. He pretty much visits the hospital every Tuesday.

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