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February 02 2015

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 things that could prematurely end it. The potential pitfalls that Feige and co. need to avoid, according to the author.

I think we'll see a sharp decrease in superhero films and TV shows after 2019. That's just the nature of pop culture fads. Marvel and DC both have big team-up movies planned that year to cap off their franchises. Wouldn't be surprised if FOX and Sony follow suit.
Well - that was a whole lot of conjecture. There's no doubt that the superhero craze will fade and be replaced by something else.

What I DON'T think will change is the heavy reliance on tentpole / blockbuster movies to keep Hollywood and Theatre Owners afloat, so if it ain't folks in masks and capes they better figure out what they want to replace them with
Kind of odd that one of the items was Marvel's tendency to do fake-out deaths. That's been a staple of genre fiction since Gandalf; it's not going to change anything now.
If Joss was in charge, then those Marvel fake-out deaths would all be real.
Maybe by 2019, the movie industry will want to dust off space westerns, except next time, they'll do it right and have Joss in charge.

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He's right about Civil War not making much sense with only a dozen or so supers around. But that's taken care of by the mass Terrigen event everyone seems to suspect is coming.
I'm pretty certain the "Civil War" in the movie will really only feature Cap and Iron Man and the supporting cast (Bucky, Falcon, villain(s), etc) This movie, along w/ Thor 3 I'm guessing, will show the various Phase 1 heroes in states of unraveling ...only to get their stuff together in time for the final Avengers Infinity War

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