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February 03 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron's UK release date brought forward by one day. The Marvel sequel will now land in UK & Ireland cinemas on Thursday, April 23.

Marvel Entertainment's official UK twitter account also tweeted the news.

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Do some theaters in the UK have "special showings" of big movies, like we do here? If not, that explains advancing the premiere by 24 hours. It's likely we'll get evening showings of Ultron on April 30th
What is it with the UK getting these films early? Is this a strategy thing that just makes no sense to me?

It's really odd when you see American bootlegs a week before you see it in the US. Not to mention the pure fan motivation of, it's also really annoying to have the thing spoiled for you a week in advance if you don't stay away from the internet.

At least they shortened it to just a week this time. Still, I'm not getting why the distribution strategy.
It was filmed in the UK, so maybe it's some deal to do with that?

Honestly, I have no idea why they're doing it this way round but I'm delighted. I know the pain of the internet turning into a terrifying spoiler whisperer very well, though. Lots of us do.
At least it's only a few days apart, when Big Hero 6 came out in the US at the beginning of November, there were four and a half months for us to wait for it in the UK with an eventual release date of 30th Jan. That was odd (and irritating when you'd been watching all the trailers say November for months).
The marketing strategy last time was to release it (The Avengers) in advance in the UK and elsewhere to allow the buzz to build so there was a huge US opening. From what I recall it seemed to work pretty well.
Yeah Marvel tend to release the majority of their films in the UK and parts of Europe first these days. It works for them, so they aren't going to stop now. They have been doing it at least since the Avengers possibly even with the first Thor film.

But the UK tend to have terribly long waits for other Disney films, like Big Hero Six already mentioned but also Wreck it Ralph, the majority of Pixar films.

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