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February 03 2015

'Buffy' never grows old, says Emma Caulfield. She talks about the continuing popularity of the show. Emma will be appearing at Dallas Comic Con this weekend.

Great seeing Anya in the comics. I would love to see a TALES OF VENGEANCE comic series about Anya and other vengeance demons over the centuries (similar to the Tales of the Slayers series).
Awww, this was a very nice read!
Wish I could have met her, but I don't think she was at any of the 3 SDCCs I've been to.
And I love TiMER! Watched it back when it was released and make sure to talk about it with friends every time they want a out of the mainstream movie recommendation!
If a TV show about a vampire slayer can be thought of as universal, Buffy really is. I adore Emma. I'm fortunate that I just moved to a city whose cable system (the one I'm paying for anyway) carries a network channel that shows a mini Buffy marathon on Tuesday evenings and I've already seen some of Emma's best work from The Body through the whole Glory arc and now Buffy back from the dead again. During the commercial breaks there are people talking the show's appeal, the characters and what they think is interesting about it. I find I'm as involved and emotional about their journey as I was the first time. Very poignant to keep revisiting. I don't see interest ever waning as long as it's on TV, available at Netflix, and if DVDs don't become completely outdated.
Interesting...she seems to be finally embracing her fine legacy as Anya after many years of being rather prickly about it with fans. When she was running a vlog she sure didn't want to talk about it. Glad she's back in the fold, she's one of the standout performances in a show that was full of them.
Buffy, as beloved as the show is, exists in the past. When you're an actor, you have to keep moving forward. Like a shark. A shark with feet and much less fins... ;)
MrArg, she did the "Which Buffy Character Are You?" test on her ESSNEMMA vlog, and I think I've seen most of the 161 entires, and I never detected any avoidance of Buffy, beyond the need to focus on her actual life now of course. She tended to thank people who commented on any of her roles.
I was thinking more along the lines of her facebook threads and comments. "It must be bunnies" was a line that would put a follower up for immediate blocking. And she went on a few tangents on said threads about 'living in the past' and whatnot.
To be fair, she's been attacked on Twitter for having an unpopular opinion about things, particularly something having to do with Buffy and Joss' supposed propensity for killing characters (she didn't agree he was alone in that). I guess that wouldn't endear me to fans either. But she does seem to love interacting with, and meeting people at the conventions.

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