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February 04 2015

(SPOILER) Steven DeKnight's Daredevil trailer debuts. IGN also interviews DeKnight about his new show. The YouTube link for the trailer can be found here.

Looks intriguing, but pretty aesthetically dark for Marvel.

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So exciting! Yes, darker than what the MCU has done in the past, but it fits Daredevil. Daredevil has moments of humor and levity, but he isn't goofy. I'm really excited for this. Daredevil is one of my favorite characters.
The comics being used for the Marvel/Netflix Defenders line (Daredevil, Jessica Jones from Bendis' Alias, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) are usually darker and grittier than the average Marvel comic. When all four series wrap up their multi-season runs, I wouldn't be surprised if Punisher, Blade and Moon Knight head to Netflix for Defenders: Phase Two.
Dark is fine as long as some humor transfers over with it. I'll turn to DC films if I want dark and humorless (although The Flash TV series has given me some hope).
These are part of the minority of Marvel comics that are closer to DC in tone. A minority of DC comics like Legion of Superheroes and Justice League International are closer to Marvel in tone too.

I love both companies and tones, but some people prefer one or the other. If the DC-like tone isn't your cup of tea you're probably better off sticking with the Avengers and Cosmic movies and ABC's Shield shows.

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Marvel love dark trailers, man. I think the show has potential to be very funny, as well as, of course, very sad. Super excited.
I have more of an issue with DC/WB trying to copy Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy aesthetic onto every other superhero film they produce. Man of Steel was dark, cold, and humorless to me. These are not qualities I generally associate with Superman. Zack Snyder also doesn't do Christopher Nolan nearly as well as Christopher Nolan does. However, I am enjoying DC's growing TV offerings for the most part.
They had me at Steven DeKnight. I don't need anything else.
No one else thought the voice over line reading was really....REALLY bad? It felt so wooden and stilted it completely took me out of anything else, I found myself cringing.
The dialogue is from actual scenes, so I don't think they were redone for the trailer. Then again, I thought Chris Pratt's voiceover work in the GOTG trailer sounded like he was reading off a page, and it sounded like it was specifically done for the teaser. I thought the voice work in Daredevil was a lot more natural.

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I like the look of the series.Very different from the Marvel Studios vibe but I think it works for this more street level stuff being done on Netflix.

If this workds,I hope they then try it with their more horror based characters like Blade,Ghost Rider and Werewolf By Night.

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The culmination will be so dark, it will take place entirely in pitch black.
With Vin Diesel?
For my Pop's sake, if no one else's, I hope they add a Daimon Hellstrom (aka Son of Satan aka Hellstorm) series. Seems like it would fit this mood, and they could certainly phase him in with a line-up of Ghost Rider, Blade, Punisher, Moon Knight, etc.
Frank Miller's Daredevil and Chris Claremont's X-Men were the titles that introduced me to the comic book world back in the 80s, I've been looking forward to this (and would remind you that even though he left as showrunner, Drew Goddard wrote at least a couple of the episodes and was an executive producer so we've got his pedigree along with DeKnight's. Apparently Drew was as big a Daredevil nerd as I was back then). Personally I like the fact that the trailer doesn't show us many, many things, including Kingpin's face or Daredevil in his primary costume. What it does show us--the first costume looking pretty darn badass for a rag tied around a head, Scott Glenn as Stick--makes my hopes soar for a great time.
It looks awesome. And I'm super psyched about Stick and the overall dark feel. But I agree they need to ensure there's some humor and levity. The surest way to ruin a superhero story is to omit the fun.
With Vin Diesel?

Don't be Riddickulous!
@Nebula: Daredevil hears what you did there! :)
Considering the other thread discussing how UK's is getting Age of Ultron much earlier than most other markets.

It's interesting that Daredevil will be a first for MCU, being available at the same time for every market where Netflix is already established. Of course, they're still in beginning stages for a lot of countries, but for those where they're already in, it is Daredevil release of all 10 episodes for everyone at the same time.

Excited to see how these darker corners of the MCU will be portrayed, and how they might tie it, even if loosely, with the rest of the existent universe.

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