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February 04 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #11. Find out what happens next after last issue's dramatic cliffhanger.

I enjoyed this more than the last one. I'm not thrilled about Fred but everyone else seems to be and Koh's voice seemed a bit odd, but there were some nice touches in Faith coming back and considering how the magic town mutations are effecting people more than in the obvious physical sense. There were some foreboding moments around Angel's assurance he will keep Fred safe and the magic getting fearful of outside influences. And everything converged at the end, possibly significantly at Nadira's. A good start up issue.
I'm pleased to see Fred back - I'm hoping that she is back to stay and that her soul is still intact. I hated how her story ended in Ats 5 and the fact that After the Fall confirmed that she was gone. It always felt like a character death too far and the destruction of her soul really bothered me. I feel happier now that Faith is back in London. The story is starting for me now !
I thought this was a really good beginning to the new arc. There were a couple of very important plot points laid down that I think will have some bearing on the rest of this season:

- This issue confirms that the magic in Magic Town is very separate to the "new magic" created by the seed. And this sentient magic is trying to remain separate, and it is trying to keep the new magic out from this part of London. The new magic has spread across the globe, but cannot penetrate Magic Town. I have a feeling that this Magic Town magic is going to get very protective of its turf...with quite devastating consequences.

- It definitely *is* Fred - Angel would know her scent. So Dr Sparrow really did lie. Fred's soul wasn't destroyed and some of her remained in Illyria, so much so that she can remember bits of what happened with Illyria. Fred is a little like Angel now - she has a demon inside her who is trying to get out.

- I thought the reunion between Angel and Faith was really well done. The awkwardness followed by the genuine hug. (Angel can hug when he really wants to!). I really like the friendship between the two of them. I know it got a bit strained at the end of last season, so much so that Faith didn't contact Angel about being in London for a bit. But I hope that this season builds on this friendship (and not turn it into any other kind of "ship" *ahem*)

- Oh Nadira. Why do I not trust you? Why do I think that when the sh*t hits the fan and the Magic Town magic turns malevolent you will be on its side.

- Koh! I really like Koh actually and I am looking forward to seeing him interact with Angel. Angel always bonded with fellow warriors (except Groo, but that was petty jealousy). Though if Koh's mission clashes with Angel's then sparks will fly.

- My theory is that Illyria being Koh's jailer is a massive red herring and it is going to be someone completely unexpected. I foresee a clash with Koh and Angel/Faith over protecting Fred at first, but I hope they all work together.

- Art was great, as usual. Conrad took a bit of time to nail Fred though. There were some panels where it was an excellent likeness, but others not so much. I'm sure that will improve over time.

-Gah - another month's wait now
havent been able to pick this up but curious how exactly did they explain Fred's reappearance? Or did they not even get into it this issue
mark214-Part of Fred was always inside Illyria. Illyria being fried by the New Seed at the end of the S9 Buffy book reset the body and Fred resurfaced, but she can still feel Illyria inside her.
I also liked that they reiterated the fact that most of the "demons" in magic town are really mutated humans. Humans who really do not want to stay that way. There are some (like Corky) who thrived in their new guises, but most people will want to be turned back. I wonder will we see any progress on that this season?
Your welcome. Oh, because of the blast from the New Seed Fred/Illyira are soaked in New Magic which the Scoobies control with the Book. Old Magic is what's in Magic Town and has a mind of it's own connected to Nadira. Old Magic has been struggling to keep out the Scooby brand and is not happy to have a bundle of New Magic brought into it's border by an Old One.
I love how this issue established that Angel & Faith have established a reputation among certain people as a duo. The idea that when Angel's name comes up in conversation, hers follows shortly after. They certainly set forth the idea that they are meant to be together as a team (and possibly something else some day far off into the future as I'm totally on board that ship). I don't expect to see them split up again for quite some time and this series probably has a lot of life left in it.

I still don't totally get how magic works now, but I'm a bit behind on Buffy's book which may fill in some of the details. It all just seems so much more confusing then it was when Buffy and Angel were on TV. And Nadira's explanations aren't helping.

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It seems like there are two kinds of magic in the world now... the Old Magic and the New Magic. The Old Magic is represented by things like Magic Town (which was created from the magic of the artifacts collected by Whistler). That's in contrast to the New Magic that's appearing now.

Why is the Old Magic afraid of Fred? Well, Fred/Illyria was destroyed at the end of season 9 by Old Magic (that contained inside Severin). But then the New Magic came along and not only restored what the Old Magic had destroyed, but separated it back into its component parts (Fred and Illyria). And Old Ones like Illyria are among the most powerful avatars of the Old Magic, but the New Magic seems to be successfully suppressing Illyria.

So the New Magic may be aiming to undo everything the Old Magic has done... hence the fear, since the Old Magic no longer has any ongoing source of power.
Andrew: So do you think that Fred is in this state because she is in a stronghold of "Old Magic" i.e. Magic Town. If she went out into the world where the New Magic is more prevalent would there be a different situation?
I think Fred would probably be the same anywhere. Old Magic (e.g. Illyria) is now self-contained by nature, since it has no power source to draw from. But New Magic (e.g. Fred) is dynamic and renewable. That's why Fred is in control and Illyria is suppressed.

For Illyria to have a chance of taking control back, she would probably need to draw Old Magic from somewhere else. Which is why it seems like it's not a very good health move for Fred to go to a place like Magic Town where there's a lot of Old Magic lying around. Unless Fred is intended as some kind of emissary, spy, battle champion, or trojan horse...

Another fun thought: Frillyria and Severin were the ones actually holding the New Seed at the moment it was "born." Maybe it considers them to be its parents? If so, Severin II might be out there somewhere.
I miss when magic was just doing incantations that called upon the power of ancient deities, demons, mythical beings, etc. and borrowing their power.

This whole sentient magic thing is just weird.
Weird but interesting. I think it is a possible Big Bad for this season.
Finally got my copy of Angel & Faith # 11 yesterday.Part I of "United."

This will be short.

I liked the issue.

Loved the Angel & Faith reunion.That hug.So great.From the beginning I said they should only keep them apart for the first year of the new season and so this was the right time to "Unite" them again.

Also liked Faith's reaction to Nadira.

On the whole return of Fred thing.I'm very mixed.One the one hand,I hate the idea of another dead character returning.On the other I am very interested on where this is going specially with Koh and Illyria's connection.

I will say and I don't know if this will happen but with this Fred/Illyria development,I would really like to see Gunn and Spike and even Connor brought back into things.

Gunn and Spike especially have such a close connection to Fred and Illyria that it doesn't feel right to me not to bring them into this for a arc at the very least.Or in Spike's case maybe this could be what brings Angel into Buffy's book for some issues.This could be a realistic reason for a crossover on that end.

Also glad to see the aunts again and their interaction with Faith.

Overall liked the issue.

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