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February 05 2015

Live Chat With Anthony Head this Saturday. Noticed on Twitter that ASH will be holding a live chat on February 7th. Details/Register at the link.

So....I don't get this. Do you have to have Twitter in order to participate? There's very little (none) information on his site.
I think you just have to register for his website to access the chat there. It has nothing to do with Twitter; some group had a tweet about it.
If someone from here goes there and have time, please ask him if there are any plans for his returning to Galavant, this time singing more.
I'd sign up in a heartbeat, but I'm going to be gone tomorrow. Drat!

I'd love to find out how Otto's doing, and if the weird zombie noises at the end of his new album were intentional, or if I got a funky disc.
Lucky you, brasilian chaos man; Anthony answered your question but not mine! That's okay, he typed my name. He said that he would love to do more Galavant if they asked him. Nothing about more singing, but one can hope. The chat is moving really fast and I was late getting there, but he did mention he is going to be in SA (I take to mean South Africa) for five months doing Dominion? Hope I got that right.
He's such a sweet man. He sent us all a photo of himself at his laptop by email, thanking us for the chat:

Anthony Head 02072015

This text accompanied the photo:

"Thank you to all who took part in my live web chat tonight, looking forward to doing it again real soon. Enjoy your evening everyone.

Anthony X" His webmaster said Anthony may do another chat while he is away shooting Dominion, but on Twitter.
Thanks, Tonya J!

I hope Galavant is renewed and Anthony comes back with a lot of singing, and maybe, a duet with Buffy's first big Bad, Hutger Hauer.

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