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March 27 2004

Don't forget - SMG on 'The Simpsons' this Sunday 8pm/7c on Fox.

Clicking on 'Episode Guide' will only close the window- if you want to go there here's the link- Simpsons Episode Guide

There's also information about the episode at TVTome

WTF? If I click on 'Episode Guide' it closes my browser!
Oh sorry. If you go through the main site- The Simpsons, when you click on 'This Week' (which is what my link points to), it opens that up in a new window, and when you click on 'Episode Guide' it closes that window and changes the main window to the episode guide. I guess without having the main page open it simply closes the 'This Week' window without doing anything else...
Thanks, it works now.
Yeah I saw the trailers for it on Fox, and I gotta say, SMG's character has dark(blue)-purple hair. Is that a little reference to 'Fray' or am I digging too deeply? They sure didn't make her blond.
I doubt it's a reference to anything. The Simpsons stopped being clever years ago.
Aww they're not as good as they used to be but lesser Simpsons still beats most so called funny shows out there. And the writers there are all geeks so it could be a little nod to Joss' Fray.
I actually think The Simpsons has rebounded after two mediocre years - they hired a bunch of Futurama vets after that show bit it.
the simpsons are still great. cant wait to see what they do with the movie...........and tonights episode with SMG was pretty good.

and i still wish futurama was around. that show was awesome.
Just finished watching the episode and SMG was quite enjoyable in it. At times I couldn't even recognize her voice. I don't watch the show all the time but when I do catch it I always think it's funny and good.
There's going to be a Simpsons movie??? I'm so there!
yeah i know, i was excited to hear about it as well. they were talking about it for so long, now its finally coming.........
Simpsons is still astonishing.

This ep not so much so.

As a Jossverse freak, I am VERY unpleased with not even a single Buffy reference...wife and I kept waiting...and waiting....and....nada....
Oh come on, this whole appearance was a Buffy reference. First she kisses him, then she punches him. Then she tries to shove stuff up his butt(sexually kinky). She orders him around and he follows like a puppy. It's a total Spuffy reference.

And by the way, I see SMG took time to do the Simpsons, but couldn't do Angel......(yes, it's sarcasm, I know this was done months ago)
Doh! I forgot to watch!

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