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February 06 2015

Chris and Chris make kids happy. The first visit of the superheroes to kids in the hospital was a huge hit. "Look out, Seattle, you're next!"

I love both those guys. Look at the joy on their faces, knowing how much these visits mean for the kids & parents. Well done, gents.
These two super heroes have restored my faith in humanity after a crap week. Sorry not sorry for language.
Are these guys cute, or what?
Love them, and love that Pratt was in costume. This is how celebs should act.
That was in the original bet, Jelly. Loser had to visit the other's hometown childrens hospital in costume. So sweet of both of them to turn simple good-natured Twitter sports trash talk into this gift.
When they go to Seattle, Chris E. will be in his Captain America costume.

Just love that Captain America's team is the Patriots!

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