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February 10 2015

'In Your Eyes' DVD is now available to buy on Amazon. Though Best Buy looks to be shipping it quicker.

I really hope this gets a release on Blu-ray as well.
Neat, adding to cart.
Really did enjoy this, it has a somewhat Asian sensibility to it, which sounds like a weird definition for the movie.
Didn't care much for it, but I can't help but think it would have been a much better film with Joss in the director's chair (I realize that wasn't a possibility with his schedule though).
I wish that a b&m store were carrying this, but it looks like Target, BB and WM all passed, at least around my area. At least WM is carrying Charisma Carpenter's 'Bound', also released today in the US.
Is this on Amazon UK as well? Can't seem to find it.
Doesn't look like it. But then it is a small indie release so it could take a while.
Seconding the hope for a Blu-ray release of this eventually.
I was charmed by In Your Eyes when it appeared on Netflix recently. I'm happy they're widening the ways people can watch it. Here's hoping we won't have to wait too long to get a UK DVD release.
I loved the movie. Zoe Kazan is a great actress and I love the career path she is on. I'll wait for a Blu-Ray release for it though. If it doesn't come, I'll buy the DVD. My Vimeo watch was a disaster, looking forward to enjoy it uninterrupted.
Great movie. Love personal supernatural films like this (Groundhog Day & The Man From Earth, for example, are other favorites). In Your Eyes reminded me of the web-comic Dreamless, about an American girl and a Japanese boy who see each others lives when they're asleep, which also was fun. Nice that's coming out on DVD.
I enjoyed this movie when I saw it on VOD. I'm not planning on buying it three times, though (I don't have that kind of money), so I'm going to wait and see if it comes out on blu-ray.
Can anybody report on extras? Is there a commentary and such?

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