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February 11 2015

10 villains who were supposed to come back... and never did. Firefly makes it on the list. Guess who?

I always wanted to see the blue-handed men one more time, if only in a throw-away fashion just so that they would be officially thrown away. I don't read the comics. I would have liked it if they just stood around in the back-ground during a scene in Serenity and then were dismissed by the film's big bad in a sort of "I can handle this without your help way", I think that would have been cool.
I would have liked to see Marcie Ross, and her invisible classmates, again. Or not see them.
My first villain to come to mind was Jubal Early.
Technically Garim, Early doesn't qualify for the list and not because he wasn't supposed to come back.

But yeah, it would been nice, Passion, and it would've wrapped that up a little cleaner, I suppose. The Hands of Blue are just so obviously supposed to have returned? And he fact that they actually died in the comic was something I overlooked. Alliance fed clearly says they failed but I kept not noticing they had died. But that's probably because I'm oblivious.
Let me guess... Hands of Blue? Jubal Early? Saffron?
Considering how often I see people gripe about the Daleks and the Cybermen on Doctor Who coming back over and over you'd think the producers would be digging into the shows history for some of those villains to change things up some. (But, the Dalek vs Cybermen trash talk smack down in "Doomsday" is still one of my favorite things.)
I just figured the "Hands of Blue" guys were reps from the Blue Sun Corporation, and when the main River Tam arc was resolved in Serenity that went with it. But definitely we would have seen more of Saffron had the series lasted, and unquestionably Niska. You know he was going to be back for more.
Yeah, they even made the effort of mentioning Niska got away alive. I really had a feeling that nearly every baddie (in some cases, "baddie") who didn't very clearly and indisputably die on screen was going to come back. Except like womack. I suppose Dobson would've been the exception to the clearly dead rule, considering if I recall right he was going to come back even if he was apparently dead. (And it had to happen in the comics anyway.)

And the Hands of Blue were life definitely Blue Sun guys, considering they're described in the comics as "independent contractors," so they don't work for the government. But really, I suppose the reach of Blue Sun means probably half the characters worked for them at some point, as I like to interpret Tracey's tattoo of a blue sun on his shoulder as indicative of that. Really, the loss of the Blue Sun Corporation storyline is one of the greatest tragedies of the series.

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One of the things I get most sad about with the lack of more Firefly is how well they were building up a criminal underworld... or, not so much 'under'... of really interesting characters. You've got the terrifying ones like Niska, but also Saffron and Badger who could appear on any side depending on the situation. And who knows where Jubal Early would have had to go after failing his mission with River?
It would have been fun.
The comics make Early a little more interesting, in my opinion. (Ah, it's been out a year now. Maybe as well go for it.) It seems he's sort of forcibly hunting River at this point, not given an option to leave the mission even after he's failed, even if he asks for an out.

I would've liked to know more about Core crime. (Honestly, I wanted 100000% more Core stuff. I'm a Core girl at heart and want so much more Core-centric stuff.) Like those blackout zones Simon was arrested in and all that. The kind of underground contacts Simon likely chased down and exhausted before he found that anti-Alliance group that finally helped him. (According to the Serenity dossiers, Simon is associated with more than one.) It's not exactly crime, but y'know, maybe according to the Alliance.
My vote for a buffyverse villain I always expected to come back? Doc!!!
I think the first Serenity comic book mini-series hinted that they were cyborgs or androids.
I didn't read the comics but I really like the idea that the blue hand men were either cyborgs or androids.

I agree with above comments about Niska. It was made clear that he escaped and the character was intereting (and the actor was wonderful!)

I would have put the Supernatural Alpha Vampire on this list. After Sam & Dean get his blood when they are leaving the Alpha Vamp flat out says "See you next season"...but he did not appear in any apisodes during the next season. Personally I was bummed he wasn't back the next season - another interesting character an actor.
Niska, Early, Saffron, and the Blue Hands were all supposed to be recurring villains, I suppose. They all managed to get second episodes except Early, and he is a central figure in the Leaves On the Wind comics continuation.

I always wondered what happened to the First Evil in the Buffy comics. It was immortal, unkillable and basically un-hurtable. The only thing that happened to it at the end of season 7 was that its plan got foiled. It could have come back to make trouble for Buffy at any point. So why hasn't it? I know Joss doesn't like to re-hash Big Bads, but all his other Big Bads had good reasons why they didn't come back.

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