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February 11 2015

Neil Patrick Harris is having quite the month! Tomorrow (Thursday, February 12) he will be interviewed by James Lipton on Bravo Channel's Inside the Actor's Studio. Also, NPH and husband David Burtka opened up their gorgeous Harlem townhouse for a tour in this month's Architectural Digest . Oh, and in case you haven't heard, he is hosting yet another awards show the following weekend.

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And he's also featured once again on the cover of this weekend's Entertainment Weekly.
NPH is just such a great all around entertainer. I'm so glad that he's done so well. Now onto Dr. H 2 maybe?

That house is awesome.

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OMG that house is stunning! The wood work is gorgeous.
Just 'cause I'm anal, Friday is the 13th, not 12th.
Yikes, Enphilistor, you are right! I goofed, although not about the date, but the day of the week. The show is airing on THURSDAY, not Friday. Thanks for the catch.
Did anyone see the recent Oscars commercial where NPH was channelling Dr. Horrible? Unfortunately I was in the kitchen and did not see it, nor was I really really paying attention and then I heard NPH's voice and he said something about the upcoming Oscars that sounded like something Dr. Horrible would say. Has anyone else seen/heard that? Or was it just my imagination?

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