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February 12 2015

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Season 10 solicitations for May. CBR has the info and covers for Angel & Faith #14 and Buffy #15.

Whaaat? Does Spike split? Or maybe faces himself in another demon? or did he grab the wrong soul during the last soulless moment? I'm worried for Spike. I was worried before, but now I'm really worried.

I wonder if they'll use "troubles with Spike" to get Angel & Faith back from over the pond for a little bit maybe with Fred? I'm behind on Angel and Faith so I need to catch up on that side of the pond.
It might just be a new version of Orpheus with Spike instead of Angelus vs. Angel. The issue before this confirms Buffy will go into Spike's mind.

But given it says *new* demon, it's probably an external force messing with his head.

Angel & Faith have enough to deal with right now. Unless Faith splits from Magic Town again, maybe to show Fred to Spike, Gunn and Connor. After this arc Victor said the next 3 issues will be more Faith-focused. Or Koh's jailer turns out to be in San Fran to set up a crossover.
The covers are not always literal, so it could be symbolic.
That cover of Fred and Ilyria is really beautiful.
The Fred/Illyria cover is beautiful, and the Original Four Scoobies cover is epic. Hello new phone background.
Yes @Jelly, you are right. The two Spikes reminded me that Spike's soul is going to be one of this season's sandboxes. And I always fret, even though I'm entertained.

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Could the demon with a special bond with Spike be the same demon who granted his soul in the first place? THAT would be interesting.
@basuraboi3 Woah! Never thought of that - it would definitely be super intriguing. Perhaps there were terms and conditions that came with getting his soul back. If Angel had his limitations, why wouldn't the only other souled vampire have his own?
They have been hinting at Spike losing his soul for a while now. Those soul sucking demons in the Spike & Faith plus the Soul Glutton. It seems like it's going to go one way or another.

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