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"And I won't feel.. A thing"
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February 13 2015

Nine best indie date movies for Valentine's Day. Filmoria picks Much Ado About Nothing as one of their choices.

Loved 500 Days of Summer, Moonrise Kingdom and Like Crazy. Hated Submarine (the original soundtrack by Alex Turner is fantastic though). The others are on my watchlist!
I'd add "In Your Eyes" to this list for sure.
Not an Indie film, but I'm going to go with a new classic.
"Valentine's Day", The movie for people who hate Valentine's day.
Plus the creator, Katherine Fugate, is one of the most amazing writers you could ever hope to meet.
Amelie is delightfully quirky. I saw it in the theatre when it first came out. I remember watching the previous showing leaving - happy faces all, smiling and laughing.

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