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February 13 2015

(SPOILER) Synopsis for the Agents of SHIELD mid-season premiere "Epidemic". Looks like Adrianne Palicki is now a regular.

I thought the episode was going to be called "Aftershocks"? Or am I remembering wrong?
"Looks like Adrianne Palicki is now a regular."

When did this happen and why isn't there a news story about this? That's fantastic news.
Adrianne Palicki felt like a regular the moment she walked on screen, so I'm pleased about that.

And, yeah, I remember being told it would be "Aftershocks."
Dichen Lachman, yay!
I think this is the first confirmation we have of her being a regular. Maybe they are pulling a Tara on us!

Good to know we're getting to "the other thing" quick. I doubt it's Hydra again but I don't think it's an Inhuman thing either otherwise Mack would have known not to touch the floor to be brainwashed and almost get killed by Bobbi. My only guess then is maybe it's somehow tied to Peggy?

Oh it sounds like we'l see Tripp's mother. That should be interesting.
Excited to see Dichen Lachman again (and that she also has a name now)
Fred Dryer is sort of odd. He was a very good professional football player for the LA Rams playing Defensive End in the
famous Fearsome Foursome of the 1970's. He has acted a great deal though and had his own cop show (Hunter) which
ran from 1984-1991 iirc.

But what I always found most interesting is that after he retired from football he actually lost weight. Standing 6' 6'' he's
still pretty big though.

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A week or so ago, I saw a story on a newspage with some minor spoilers for the return of the show and she was included as "starring" at the bottom just like here. Since then I searched for any hints. Thanks ^^

All the news outlets are reporting it now as well, but I think they all use this press release as sole source.
As long as they dont pull a "look, Amber Benson is finally in the credits!"... ;)
Cool, these are the times, I am always reminded of how much I wished this show had a tile opening sequence like we used to have with the other shows.
Bobbi Morse is a Marvel character with a long history in the comics, so I doubt they will pull a Tara on us. However, Coulson, May, Mack, Fitz, and Simmons were all created specifically for the MCU, so I'd worry more about those characters being expendable.
TVLine has an article on it now:
A J-Mo script and a Dichen Lachman role = televisual bliss.

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