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February 14 2015

Firefly Funko 6" action figure photos from Toy Fair via The Fwoosh. These are prototypes, they aim to have them in stores by May.

Those look great although Mal's a little hunched over. Not getting enough calcium out there on the raggedy edge I guess.
Update: Funko POP! images, including Agents Coulson and May, and Sif:
Yikes. Is this the Cro-Magnon version?? Holy cow! They look nothing like the actors, the stances are horrible and the hands are awkward.

The clothes look good, though.
Here are more images of other Firefly statuettes displayed at the Toy Fair, via ToyArk. Apparently they're doing a Master series 1:6 scale of Kaylee, similar to the one of Mal they released a while back. Also ones called QBits of the whole crew (Zoe's QBit is looking a bit whitewashed there. Yikes!) Mini Masters of all of them, except Book. And another 1:6 scale Mal, though I think that may be the one already linked to. I don't recognize any of them, so I assume they're new. Some photos of other things they usually sell too: the Jayne hat, coasters, a belt buckle apparently, and the Serenity plush and keychain. There's also a photo of a Buffy maquette in there, but it looks vaguely familiar so I think that's been seen already.

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These are some luxurious figures! People wondering why Kaylee has red hair, don't fret: Reis O'Brien of Funko just told the Funko Legacy Facebook page "Don't judge by these first pics, guys. These are just Toy Fair samples that the factory had to get to us quickly for the show. We've since made adjustments to Kaylee's 'five head' and hair color. We've pushed the paints on the faces to look better, too." And if I may add, remember to buy the whole line folks, if you want to see another wave.

There are much better photos at

Update: And some bad news might be inferred from a comment O'Brien made in a post-Toy Fair Q&A today, in which he replied to a question about villains from Firefly by saying "What bad guy would we do? All of them get dealt with within one episode. Firefly doesn't really have a good Darth Vader." To which every Firefly fan would no doubt say that if Badger is not Firefly's Darth Vader (and arguably he is), then at the very least Jubal Early is Firefly's Boba Fett! On the plus side he confirmed the rest of the crew will be made next.

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ShadowQuest, Wash's hands are "awkward" because he comes with dinos. Mal's left hand has a trigger finger because he comes with various weapons. And as for looking nothing like the actors, they look exactly like the actors imo (except for Jewel Staite, but see above). You'd never have seen this kind of detail in figures even ten years ago. We're getting head sculpts that would have only been previously seen on $200 dolls, in 6" figure form now for $20.
I think part of my problem is the arms are too long. The face on Jayne looks fantastic, Zoe is pretty good, Mal still looks like a missing link. His head's thrust too far forward and his shoulders are too high, like he's shrugging. The heads in general look just a smidge too large, and just slightly cartoonish.

Maybe if they were posed they'd look better, but...I'm just not loving these. Sigh. Oh well.
Looks like Mal's coat is riding up. Pulling it down and/or trimming it so it fits lower could make a lot of difference.

Also, there are toys coming out for Avengers: Age Of Ultron as well. Good to see that little movie getting some attention too. ;)
One more update: promo images showing Mal with his coat on properly and Kaylee with her hairline lower, which improves the likenesses quite a bit if these work out.

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