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February 14 2015

What would a Whedon-less Marvel movie world be like? Speculation on what will happen if/when Joss leaves the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sorry for the double post. Please delete the first.

I'm not ready to find out what the MCU is like without Joss. I hope he stays involved wih AoS even if he does leave the movies behind.

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Oh please. What a ridiculous article. I admire and respect Joss' work as much as the next person, but the notion that he is the epicenter is silly. Marvel films contained humour long Whedon came along and Marvel deliberately brings in a range of directors to build different atmospheres within each film.

This article incorrecctly implies Whedon makes Marvel films as they 'should' be, instead of recognising he is but one of many who have injected their personal style into a universe which is very much open to it.
This is so silly I'm having trouble framing a reply.
Joss is definitely one of the driving forces behind Marvel's success, but so are a handful of others (Kevin Feige, James Gunn, The Russos, etc.). I'm sure the MCU will be fine. Joss has said that he is excited to create his own worlds again, and I'm sure most of us are thrilled to hear that.
The entire premise of this article is flawed. He's said that he's not leaving Marvel forever, he just doesn't want to do another Avengers movie with a huge ensemble and he wants his next project to be something that's his own creation instead of an adaptation. I'm certain he'll do another Marvel movie for some solo hero eventually.
I'd like him to do inhumans. It would give him a couple of years to do something else and it's likely to be connected to SHIELD if it stays on the air for a while. Would really like to see him do a short season series on cable or Netflix. Or an anthology that let us drop in on some of his earlier shows (I can always dream). It could be on FX and have short season revivals of Buffy angel dollhouse and firefly
You know my first inclination was to say Capt. Marvel but on second thought the Inhumans have a fair number of significant
women who need someone with his talent to keep them balanced with the boys.
Anything is much less without Joss contributing, but the MCU will live on. Personally I'm really hoping that he'll still be involved in the writing side of things. Because I really think he'd have a good take on Thanos. So I'd love to see him at least take a shot at the Infinity War script. Plus if he could ever get to write any Spider-man dialogue, that'd be a perfect match. Spider-man would be properly funny, the way he is in the best books of old.
Yeah, this is one of those innumerous "content generation" articles the Internet demands. It doesn't matter if you really have any worthwhile critique, it simply matters you keep putting stuff up as often as possible to drive clicks ...

I'd love to see Joss' take on Thanos and Spider-Man, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't at least informally give a script or two a read over and pass on his thoughts to Feige, but they are plenty of talented folks who can deliver on these properties, especially now as Joss has helped develop the template established
Internet articles will not rest until he writes and directs all of the Marvel movies. At which point they will churn out article after article about how he's ruined the MCU forever.
Sunfire, comments such as that make me (fleetingly) wish that we could "like" or up-vote posts here.
It's good though. Remember when he was first announced as director of Avengers. A lot of people didn't think he could do it. Now they love him as much as much as we do.
Don't be silly, there were no Marvel Movies released prior to The Avengers.
Maybe when he has ten minutes free, he could take a swing at:
"The Dark Knight Rises: The Definitive Joss Cut"
I really would have liked to have seen a good movie there.
As noted above by several others, this is fairly bland clickbait that doesn't tell those of us who follow Joss anything we don't know (Wall Street Cheat Sheet articles tend to be that). Like most of you, I hope Joss keeps a writing hand in the MCU but goes on to do some other things for himself.
I hope Joss does what Joss wants to do, but if we're making him do things coughcoughSTARWARScough.
What if Age of Ultron sucks?
I was just kidding. Chances are Joss has surpassed himself with AoU.
Ugh. I can see it now, June 2015*: Whedon realizes he used all his talent on the two films and is reducing himself to writing comics for his first TV show even though everyone knows the Buffyverse wrapped up years ago and their has been no continuation of it at all.

*Read in whatever sarcastic font you want.

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My view is that the MCU will be fine without him and continue to do good films, but there are a lot of potential original projects that could be amazing and in those he really would be irreplaceable. That said, whatever he does (unless we are talking about low budget Dr. Horrible or Much Ado type of projects) needs to be financed and as much as his status has grown since Avengers, there are no shortcuts to getting projects greenlit.
I think he's got a shortcut called Bellweather, fortunately for us. My guess is he'd turn in that direction, at least for a bit. I'll bet he would love to something with two people in a room talking for an hour and a half at this point, with the special effects consisting of turning the overhead light on.
*Read in whatever sarcastic font you want.

There are sarcastic fonts?
No, but their should be. That why I invite anyone to make some mentally while reading my comment.
Ultron won't fail. We have to wait a little longer for more Joss created goodness. We are still in share mode.
I don't know why they find it "curious" that Joss doesn't want to spend the rest of his career as a hired gun for a giant corporation. I think it would be a tragedy if he did.

People forget that Joss personally wrote or directed only a small number of episodes of his revered TV shows. His genius lies at least as much with putting the right team together and keeping them all on track. He's done that at Marvel, along with Kevin Feige, and he doesn't have to write or direct features in order to continue doing that.

The MCU will continue on without him just fine for a while. Eventually it will run its course, people will get tired of superhero movies and it will be over. And Joss will be telling his stories long after that.
It would look like Star Wars ep.8, because that's where he'll be.

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