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March 27 2004

What Buffy did next -- SMG talks about leaving Buffy, doing Doo-deux, marriage and working in Japan.

You know, I have repeatedly heard how SMG has done her own stunts, and yet I cannot remember a single scene that she did something REALLY physical...So why do they insist that she does her own "stunts"? Nice article BTW.
They didn't say she did all her own stunts but she did do a lot of stuff. Joss Whedon even comments on it in one of the commentaries about how good she was at it and had a great high kick. James Marsters also said in an interview that the job was very physical for SMG to be doing because she's a girl. James also does a lot of his own stunts but he still has a stunt double for the more difficult or dangerous stuff. A lot of actors like to do a lot of the stunt work but if the producer thinks some stuff is to dangerous they usually don't allow them to do it. I remember Lucy Lawless getting hurt pretty bad when she got thrown from a horse doing Xena and they had to stop production for awhile until she healed.

I thought it was a nice interview. I liked the comments about her time on Buffy and how great the show was. I like that she seems to be enjoying life and I look forward to seeing some of her future movies. I also liked what she had to say about marriage because I feel that way too with my own marriage - that it's a partnership and my husband is my best friend.

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I also liked what she had to say about marriage because I feel that way too with my own marriage - that it's a partnership and my husband is my best friend.

Ditto that here too. We feel very lucky in that respect.

I saw her on Ellen DeGeneres earlier in the week. She seemed happy. Kinda culture-shocked because she'd just gotten back from Japan, which was obviously a very major experience for her. I was quite impressed with the Japanese language skills she's picked up. She even says "sake" right (sah-kay with equal emphasis on the syllables instead of SOCK-ie like we usually say).
I saw that interview too and also thought she looked really happy. She seems to be enjoying life quite a bit. I had read some thread on this site recently about her really picking up the language pretty quick. I think most actors probably are great at picking up and remembering things because of the pages of dialogue they have to memorize quickly.
yeah i say her on that show. she seemed very pleasant and happy. i am definately looking forward to seeing her future movies, especially "the grudge" (and yes, even scooby doo 2).
I liked this article. I think she comes off as very grateful for the great opportunities she's been given. She even said Buffy was the greatest show on TV, which I adamantly agree with. Go, Sarah!

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Can someone explain why the article said "eight years" for BtVS? It was only seven seasons, after all.

Good article, though.
I missed the part where it said 'eight years,' but it's probably just a mistake. Even taking into account that they had filmed the full first season before it ever aired, 8 years before the end of Buffy would have been sometime in 1995. They might have begun to develop the show at that point but I doubt SMG was already involved. But then again, what do I know?
Well, SMG was already in the infamous "unaired pilot", which they had to cast and shoot before the first season was even green-lighted. 1995 also fits with her assertion that she was 18 when she joined the series -- she was born in april 1977.

Incidentally, I thought she came across very well in this interview: not at all the "it was time for me to move on to bigger stuff" attitude that I had half expected from the "buried Buffy and never looked back" headline they put on the article.

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She comes off splendidly, I think. Good for SMG for having the smarts to realize and acknowledge the brilliance that was BtVS.
I thought she came off very well in this interview too, thanks for posting it.
I thought it was funny that it was a SMG interview in a SMG (Scottish Media Group) newspaper
Very good article. I think it had a great balance between dwelling on her past achievements as well as promoting what's going on in her life now.
SMG and Nicky Brendon really do know how to say things diplomatically, and please their fans. They need to teach MT the ropes on being grateful.

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