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February 18 2015

Morena Baccarin nabs female lead in 'Deadpool'. The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

There was speculation about this a couple of weeks ago.

Great to hear.I've been enjoying her on Gotham.
The Whedonverse is taking over the Marvel films even the ones that aren't made by Marvel!
She's always an excellent choice. Would love to see her star rise, it appeared to be with Homeland and then her plotline essentially ended, which was too bad.
I was hoping she was going to get that.
They already had me at "from the writers of Zombieland", but this just got even better. Morena deserves a wider audience, and Ryan Reynolds deserves to be in a superhero movie that isn't Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern (that poor, poor man). So excited for this!
Good for Morena!
Is she going to be Domino because that would be fantastic!
Oh, good for her! I know very little about Deadpool, and even less about his love interests, but I'm now looking forward to this movie. :-)
She is fantastic in Gotham. Steals every scene.
Good news! I'd earlier said that Taylor Schilling would have been my choice based on what I know of the role in the script I read, but Morena was a very close second, and always happy to see her in a film...and I think this one will let her flex some comedy muscles.
I'm so pleased for her. Congrats to Morena!
This makes me happy.

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