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February 21 2015

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith #12. This issue is out on March 4th.

Nice! We don't usually see the creepy monsters taking the stage like that. Great departure from all the talking-about-our-feelings in the recent issues of both series.
I really like that cover art. It's very good.
I wouldn't call Koh a "creepy monster". He's more of a noble demon, literally and figuratively. He's my second favorite character that the comics introduced, the first being Satsu. (Whatever happened to her anyway?)

Anyway, whenever I read Koh, I always hear Michael Dorn's voice, because that's who I have in my head that should play him.
I'm not keen on the demon colouring in A&F but I really like the general tone of the art and that Koh cover is just brilliant. I found him the most interesting new character in S9, across both books, but we didn't really learn about him, he just obviously had potential. I'm really looking forward to getting into his story.

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Conrad has absolutely made this season for me so far. I am really enjoying the story, and loving all the developments in the last few issues, but his art is one of the main reasons I feel this season has been so good so far.

I hope we are going to get a season 11, and hope even more so that he will be apart of the art team.

As for the preview: I am glad we are going to be finally seeing some of Koh's background because he is one of my favourite newly introduced comic characters.

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