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March 28 2004

Gina Torres says all original cast members will be in 'Serenity'. And according to the brief report from the Sci-Fi Slam in Los Angeles, she referred to Fox saying "Revenge is sweet...I'm making a movie."

Wouldn't you just love to be at the Firefly barbeque?

Shiny! And oh man, would I love to be at that Firefly BBQ, if nothing else but to see Nathan up close! Swoony!

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I was sure they'd all be in the movie anyway but just to hear it confirmed is great news. Yes, I would love to be mingling with that group at a BBQ!! Can't wait for this movie to come out!!
I'm there right now ... in my mind.

Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy BOOK!!!!
Marvelous news! 2005 can't come fast enough.
It's like a constant stream of vindication for browncoats everywhere. From now until opening day.
We are mighty because we do the impossible...

Well, THEY do it, but we support it...and...damn...just...DAMN!

(Where can I buy one of those brown coats...for my wife...and son...and anybody...)
It seems like its coming full circle... Buffy the movie begat Buffy the tv series... Angel... Firefly the tv series... now Serenity the movie.

Only now, lets have a SERIES of films that just take off.
Mal was right:

We are just too pretty for God to let us die.

Damn straight.

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