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February 22 2015

(SPOILER) New promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - "Skye Quakes." ABC has released a new promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. during the Oscars. It focuses on Skye.

Region locked it seems...
Is everyone too busy watching it over and over to comment? I've loved the show from Day 1 but didn't know it was possible to be this excited about it
Yup, just watched 3x in a row. Can't wait for the return! I also have loved this show right from the start. It just keeps getting better!
OK, I know some here have insight into the ratings business. Anyone have insight into why shows region block things like this from Canada of all places? Things air here the exact same time as the US! The same thing happens when we follow shows on Facebook and the like. It's aggravating.
Those outside the US should be able to watch it now.
Checking in from Canada: yep, it's available here now.

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ABC network is a US only company, they only have rights to distribute material (even promos) in the US. Stupid business model. Thankfully tools like Twitter and Facebook don't yet support region locking, which the networks ignore at moment.
Thanks, it works now it looks cool. Glad they finally say Inhuman.

Oh we can be blocked from promos from the official Facebook pages, I guess if they come directly from the US site. It doesn't make sense to me though as they sell the rights to the show to be broadcast at a simultaneous time up here. The Canadian channels have essentially built their business model around that thanks to sim-subbing. (Simultaneous-Substitution).

What that means is television providers have to take us off the American signal to show us Canadian ads, even if we select an American feed. So if I watch CTV at 8 PM I can see The Flash and SHIELD on the same channel. But even if I pick the ABC feed I see Canadian commercials. So while the US sees a promo for next week's SHIELD episode or the Avengers lifting Thor's hammer, I usually see a promo for Masterchef of The Voice or something else airing on the CTV feed. Sometimes the Canadian channel airs the same promo or even one with slightly different footage, but its usually annoying. Luckily they go online fast. It doesn't always switch on time and we get a share of American attack ads during election time. If I wanted too, I could watch nothing but American news channels all day, but still get Canadian ads.

Although average Canadians got a bit of a victory. After years of complaining we can't see Superbowl ads and sometimes miss vital parts of a play because of sim-subbing, starting in 2017 the Canadian networks won't be allowed to sim-sub the Superbowl.

But for online promos, I really don't see the benefit of blocking us. It just causes irritation to some fans of your shows that watch them exactly when you do.

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Twitter and Facebook don't region lock but do offer the option of targeted posts, which is interesting, as I follow certain brands that suddenly will post something that clearly targeted to where I live, that is programmed in such way (especially the FB posts) that if I try to share it, it will only be shared to other friends that are from the same region, but not to the others.
It can be confusing. Orphan Black did one of those hype up specials last year called The Cloneversation, which aired on BBCA but not on Space Channel for Canada. When our station partly owns the show of mostly Canadian actors, and is filmed (and heavily implied to take place plot-wise) in Toronto.

Certain things make sense, like directing *old* clips from The Daily Show to the Comedy Network website up here as we don't have Comedy Central. But not when new things are posted to hype up a show. There is no time delay so its feels like they are trying to discourage us from getting involved in a show.

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The promo was produced by and distributed by the network which only broadcasts to, receives income for and cares about the US audience. The studio makes the show and sells to other networks, including Canada, who can produce their own promos for their own audiences. At the end of the day everything ends up being shared but it isn't a diabolical plan to leave out other territories. It is simply the US network creating promos for their audience. The Canada channel should do the same but they usually just wait and piggy back off the US network.

I know it is complicated but in most instances the studio and the network operate like totally separate businesses and fans should try to understand the dynamics before throwing stones. Most of the time when something isn't available outside the US it is the fault of the local distributor/network and not the originating source of the media. So the ire should be directed locally and not at the US company.

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Thank you. This kind of thing is really frustrating and I'm someone who tries to understand how it works and actually researched himself what sim-subbing was. Most just assume it's the US companies ripping us off. About 75% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the border, comparisons and resentment towards deficiencies in any type of product aren't going away. Surprisingly businesses that want to expand here often fail by not properly preparing for that.

IrrationaliTV: What do you think Agent Carter's chances for another mini-renewal are?
I think they are pretty good but it's probably on the bubble and will depend on how hard Marvel TV champions it and how strong ABC's current pilots turn out to be.
Its not a normal show for the broadcast networks in the number of episodes. I wonder if they will do one of this length again
whatever the outcome on AC. If they want to do one of 8 episodes again I would think it more likely that it will come back.
Well, the SHIELD team has said they like planning around the 10/12 split for writing and pacing better. ABC has allowed OUAT to do that for 2 years now. If they want to keep splitting SHIELD they'll need something for Jan/Feb. Marvel synergy seems like an obvious choice. And AC got much better reception then early AoS did which has to be a positive and relief.
If there is another round for AC one positive thing is that anyone who wants to catch up will find the task less daunting than if it
were a 22 episode season. Assuming of course its made available through the normal post broadcast distributors (dvd, netflix, et al).
Lady Sif mini-series. Just saying.
Networks are trying to trim down on the wait times between episodes for dramas, which is why SHIELD is airing the way it is. They've also noticed how cable/online shows have gotten praise for cutting out filler with less episodes. So some shows are less episodes e.g. Sleepy Hollow, HTGAWM. There is also a recent trend of networks trying "limited series" that will come back if the ratings are good enough, such as Under the Dome, or just end as they do with poor ratings such as Gracepoint.
Might be problematic if Jaimie's NBC pilot goes forward, Simon but I love that idea.
Loving all the promos, that seem to concentrate on the change and how Skye / Daisy will not have it under control.

Though really looking forward for her "Willow / Echo" arc of getting really proficient with her powers.

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