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February 23 2015

Watch Neil Patrick Harris sing the opening musical number from The Oscars. The song is titled "Moving Pictures" and also features Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.

Also, the song was co-written by Robert Lopez and Kristen-Anderson Lopez (the songwriters of Disney's FROZEN).
Great opening number! I loved the tip of the hat to Sondheim, Into the Woods and the Witch's Rap.
I thought his opening number was great. I stood up and cheered. The audience did not.

In fact I found myself laughing at NPH's jokes but the audience, except Meryl Streep?, seemed blase? Maybe they missed JLaw and Jack? Too many nervous newbies?

By the time that I went to bed, I wanted him to go real evil on all those PTBs.
I do have to say though that my favorite part was Anna Kendrick throwing her shoe at Jack Black.

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