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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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February 23 2015

Wil Wheaton joins Firefly Online. He'll be providing the voice of the male player character.

Yay, I now get to pretend that I'm Wesley Crusher transported into the Firefly verse.
Yeah, was gonna say that I guess we now know where Wesley Crusher disappeared to during all those years...
Wesley Crusher, if he had grown up in the 'verse, probably would have been sent to the same school that River went to. I can't imagine he would look as good taking out Reavers though.
But didn't he became one of those time travellers guys?
Who is doing the voice for the female player character? In my mind's eye, I see Felicia doing it.
Did they completely remove the news/updates/blog section of the game website? There were a whole bunch of updates up there and now there seems to be nothing much at all except the option to download something from various app stores - and given that they're still announcing things about the game, I assume that what you're downloading isn't actually the game itself.
Yeah, the game is still in development and the Cortex app is a companion app. But it seems they have taken down the blog/update section. I know, based on the way they've talked about it, not anything official, that they intended the Cortex to be the way people kept up with news and updates, and I'm supposing now the site was a temporary update source. They did, however, mentioned that their site went down yesterday, and IDK if they're officially back up or if this is how the site will be.

However, what annoys me is it seems that the Cortex news doesn't go all the way back in terms of news archive. And, it's annoying because certain news items seem to be missing, for example this one. Yes, it seems to be primarily things like ship concept design that are missing, but that's really annoying. in my opinion.

They also mentioned they haven't announced the female voice yet, but they will soon and they think everyone will approve. They added: "She’s one *very* accomplished lady with a long list of badass female roles under her belt." They said in a facebook comment that it's Courtenay Taylor.

Also, they posted a photo of the Shepherd Book model reference. It's better than the Mal and Simon one, in my opinion.

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