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February 24 2015

Theatrical poster for 'Age of Ultron' released. Marvel released its final one sheet for The Avengers sequel.

Tony is almost posing like he's Steve's love interest.
I miss the days of iconic movie posters. This one is ummm a bit average.
Here's hoping they put out a high res version soon to make wallpaper out of!
Meh. Really... they should get fan artists to do this stuff. Make a contest out of it. Save loads of money, great promo, amazing art and happy fans.
It's a pretty good poster. I like that Cap is taking more of a leadership role. Hopefully that will translate to the movie, start creating tension between him and iron man, and start setting the stage for Cap 3. Also like that you can see Vision flying above Hulk
I'm with Simon, kind of meh. A little overstuffed and the spacing of some of our heroes is a little weird. Oh well, it's just a poster.
It's horrible. But I rarely see a good poster nowadays.

So Chris Evans is billed fourth but gains a prominent position in the picture. I wonder how they decide this stuff. What's the rationale behind it. Aaron and Olsen don't get a mention. There's just too many damn people!

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A meh from me as well. Ricardo L, billing and poster prominence are based on the actors' contracts.
I think the main problem is that the poster isn't 'dark' enough. All the trailers have been pretty damn creepy so far, but this poster doesn't really reflect that.
Both Brian Tyler's and Danny Elfman's names are on the poster. I'm confused.

[ edited by Effulgent on 2015-02-24 21:47 ]
Nevermind, I've found a clearer version of the poster.
On the topic of cast listing, Bleeding Cool points out something interesting about the cast listed on the poster, most of them were rumored before, but guess they're now officially confirmed.

Weirdly, I didn't give them a thought when viewing the poster the first time earlier today.

By they way, Claudia Kim is not listed there, neither is Andy Serkis.
Agreed on the poster being average, lacking on hmf..

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-02-24 22:02 ]
This is disappointing. I hope there will be an alternative poster like this:

@PaperSpock: This should be sufficient to make a wallpaper:
I think there's something wrong with the link because I'm pretty positive that's the poster from the first Avengers. :/
there's been a really stylish IMAX poster for every phase 2 movie except for thor 2. I bet there'll be a good one for the avengers when it releases.
The international poster, seen in this article/post is exactly the same except they've shifted Tony in front of Steve. Which is pretty hilarious. This is how Civil War starts.
I concur with @Effulgent. Maybe the Purple One can clarify Danny Elfman's involvement with the "Ultron" score.
Brian Tyler scored the film. Danny Elfman provided 'additional music.'
@libradude, I'm aware of Elfman's credit, but the circumstances can be a bit iffy. Elfman's never been the kind to rescore scenes for a movie scored by a different composer (you get him to write a theme or score your movie but nothing in between). It makes me think he's either friends with Brian Tyler and helped him out or Tyler was busy on another film and Whedon wanted Elfman.
I mean, we can speculate all day, but all we know for sure is how the two composers are officially credited.
I'd like to see one with a kitchen sink photoshopped in it. Shame is, with such a large cast it's always going to be crowded.
I don't get why it even needs to have the cast on the poster. A poster with a creepy shot of Cap's broken shield or Ultron's head would be incredibly effective.
The color scheme is boring, and with the shield, the blue and captain america, it feels like I've already seen that movie. The guardians of the galaxy poster is much more distinctive.

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